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Samples collected during the Apollo missions to the Moon have been made available for Public Displays on long-term loans through the Public Affairs Office at the Johnson Space Center, Houston. Most of these displays are in museums or other publicly accessible places. Most of the samples on view are pieces sawn from large rocks (mare basalts, anorthosites, and breccias), but a few are thin sections and even fewer are of regolith (soil) samples. Three samples (two in the USA, one in Mexico) are mounted so that visitors can touch them.

Clicking here will take you to a list of the current displays of lunar samples. The list was compiled from data made available by the Lunar Sample Curator. Displays in the USA are grouped by region. Most of the display samples are in the USA, Canada, and Western Europe; there are single locations for displays in Mexico, Australia, Japan, and The Philippines. There are no publicly-displayed Apollo samples in South America, Africa, the Middle-East, Asia, or Eastern Europe.

The list is provided in pdf format and will require version 3.0 or higher of Adobe's Acrobat Reader. A free copy of the Acrobat Reader is available from Adobe Systems, Inc.

CAPTEM welcomes corrections or updates to this list, or comments on the displays, from those responsible for the displays or from viewers; please contact Ryan A. Zeigler, Apollo Sample Curator (e-mail:

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Last updated
January 18, 2017