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Mars Sample Return


Monday, April 21, 2008
Enabling Sample REturn: Priorities Missions, and Strategies

Possible Science Priorities for Mars Sample Return

Murchie S.    McEwen A.    Christensen P.    Mustard J.    Bibring J.-P. (Invited)
Discovery of Diverse Martian Aqueous Deposits from Orbital Remote Sensing

Shearer C.K.    Borg L.E.    Treiman A.    King P.
If we already have samples from Mars, why do we need sample return missions? The importance of Martian meteorites and the value of Mars sample return

Neal C. R.
Mars Sample Return: Which Samples and Why

Jones J. H.
A Simplified Mars Sample Return Mission: Maximizing Science, While Minimizing Cost and Risk

Monday, April 21. 2008
Overall Theme: Sample Requirements from the Astrobiology Point of View

McKay C.P. (Invited)
Astrobiology with a Groundbreaker Quick-Release Sample Return Mission

Spilde M. N.
Rock Coatings: Potential Biogenic Indicators

Conley C. A. (Invited)
Planetary Protection for Mars Sample Return

Monday, April 21, 2008 - Poster Session

Zacny K.    Paulsen G.    Davis K.    Mumm E.    Gorevan S.
Honeybee Robotics Planetary Sample Acquisition, Transfer and Processing Technologies

Walker R. J.    Puchtel I. S.    Brandon A. D.     Irving A. J.
Sample Return and Highly Siderophile Elements in the Martian Mantle: Why is it important?

Newsom H.E.    Lanza N. L.    Ollila A. M.
Landing SIte Selections for the Mars Science Laboratory and Implications for Mars Sample Return

Tuesday, April 22, 2008
Sulfates as Recorders of Mars Near Surface Processes and the MER Sites as First Sample REturn Localities

Burger P. V.    Papike J. J.    Shearer C. K.    Karner J. M.
Interpreting Mars Surface Fluid History Using Minor and Trace Elements in Jarosite: An Example from Post Pit, Nevada

King P. L.    Lane M. D.    Hyde B. C.    Dyar M. D.    Bishop J. L.
FE-Sulfates on Mars: Considerations for Martian Environmental Conditions, Mars Sample Return and Hazards

Zolensky M. E. Nakamura-Messenger K.
What Can You Do With a Returned Sample of Martian Dust? and What Can't You Do?

Vaniman D. T.    Bish D. L.    Chipera S. J.
Salt-Hydrate Stabilities and Mars Sample Return Missions

Tuesday, April 22, 2008
Overall Theme: Understanding the Evolution of Mars' Core, Mantle, Crust, Surface, Atmosphere

Valley J. W.    Ushikubo T.    Kita N. T. (Invited)
Two Generations of Carbonate in ALH84001: Three Oxygen Isotopes and OH

Papanastassiou D. A.
Mars Sample Return - The Apollo Perspective

Draper D. S. Agee C. B.
Fundamental Importance of Returned Samples to Understanding the Martian Interior

Wednesday, April 23, 2009
Overall Theme: Hydrous Minerals as Recorders of Fluid-Atmospheric Evolution and Secondary Alteration

Bish D. L.    Vaniman D. T.
Clay Mineralogy as a Guide to Alteration Environments on Mars

Velbel M. A.
Clay Minerals in Returned Samples and Alteration Conditions on Mars or What do we know about what clay minerals can tell us about alteration conditions on Mars?



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