Publications and Documents

White paper released on the Value of NASA Participating Scientist programs to NASA PSD

Lunar Curation Task Force Report - Papanastassiou

Astromaterials Research in NASA's Reorganized Planetary R&A Program
A white paper by the Curation and Analysis Planning Team for Extraterrestrial Materials (CAPTEM)

Sample Return From Human Exploration of Near Earth Objects: Rationale and Recommendations
September 2011

Lunar Sample Reference Suite; "Ground Truth" for Instrument Development and Testing
NLSI Poster, 2010
Carlton Allen

CAPTEM-LEAG Analysis Document
Review of Sample Acquisition and Curation During Lunar Surface Activities
September 1, 2010

Appendix 24 - Special Lunar Samples AO
Appendix 25 - CAPTEM-LEAG Lunar Sample Acquisition Curation Document
Appendix 26 - Lunar Sample Reference Suite Poster

Issues involved in a Mars sample return: Integrity preservation and the (CAPTEM) position
by Clive R. Neal. Reprinted from Journal of Geophysical Research 105, 22487-22,506.

Scientific Rationale for Lunar Sample Return and Potential Sample Targets
Submitted to The NRC Committee on the Scientific Context for the Exploration of the Moon

Big returns on small samples: Lessons learned from the analysis of small lunar samples and implications for the future scientific exploration of the Moon
C. K. Shearer*, L. E. Borg

Workshop on New Views of the Moon II: Integrated Remotely Sensed, Geophysical, and Sample Datasets
September 22–24, 1999 Flagstaff, Arizona

Bringing Mars Home: Opportunities and Challenges Presented by the Mars Sample Return Mission
by John H. Jones and Allan H. Treiman
Reprinted from Lunar and Planetary Information Bulletin, Issue No. 85

New Views of the Moon Enabled by Combined Remotely Sensed and Lunar Sample Data Sets, A Lunar Initiative (PDF format)
A proposal submitted on behalf of the lunar science community to support ongoing workshops and activities associated with the CAPTEM Lunar Initiative.

Workshop on New Views of the Moon: Integrated Remotely Sensed, Geophysical, and Sample Datasets
September 18–20, 1998 Houston, Texas

CAPTEM white papers submitted to the 2009 NRC Planetary Decadal Survey
To participate as signatory, please contact Allan Treiman, [email protected](list of signatories will continue to be updated until 11:59 PM on September 15, 2009)