Appendix to Charter : Facilities Subcommittee

The Facilities Subcommittee of CAPTEM consists of knowledgeable individuals, invited to join the subcommittee, as necessary to address specific issues that may arise. The Chair of the Subcommittee is a member of CAPTEM.


The Facilities Subcommittee:

  • Provides findings on the operation and periodic need for refurbishment of all curatorial facilities.
  • Acts as a resource of knowledge of the current facilities when the need arises for adding facilities for new sample collection (e. g., GENESIS, STARDUST).
  • Seeks, on a regular basis, reports from the Astromaterials Curator and the curators of the different sample collections of the condition of the facilities and of perceived needs, for the purpose of storing and processing sample collections under appropriate clean conditions.
  • Provides inspection of sample curation and handling facilities at the request of the Astromaterials Curator.
  • Provides input to other CAPTEM subcommittees when issues arise on the adequacy of the clean facilities and their facilities-related support mechanisms.
  • Reports to CAPTEM on facilities issues.

The work of the Facilities Subcommittee is aided by detailed knowledge of the curatorial facilities and their periodic modifications.