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To document the activities of the visiting and staff scientists and other work supported by the Institute, this formal series, called "Lunar and Planetary Institute Contributions," was initiated in September 1969 while the Institute was under the auspices of the National Academy of Sciences. Two additional series, Basaltic Volcanism and the Terrestrial Planets (BV) and the Technical Reports (TR) series, were active between 1977 and 1998. Both the BV and the TR series have been included on this site for a more complete view of Institute-related work. The Lunar and Planetary Institute Contribution series continues today, documenting the scientific research, meeting-related publications, educational materials, outreach products, and other activities of the Institute. The LPI is operated by USRA under a cooperative agreement with the Science Mission Directorate of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.


Stopar J.D. (2017) Relative depths of simple craters and the nature of the lunar regolith. Icarus
(In press)

Stopar J.D., Jolliff B.L., Speyerer E.J., Asphaug E.I., and Robinson M.S. (2017) Potential impact-induced water-solid reactions on the Moon. Planetary and Space Science
(In press)

New Moons: Towing asteroids into Earth orbits for exploration and exploitation; Transcripts of the presentations at the special session of the Eighth Lunar Science Conference held March 16, 1977
Lunar and Planetary Institute

Burns J.O., Fong T., Kring D.A., Pratt W.D., and Cocjam T. (2017) Science and exploration at the Moon and Mars enabled by surface telerobotics.

Yen A.S., Ming D.W., Vaniman D.T., Gellert R., Blake D.F., Morris R.V., Morison S.M., Bristow T.F., Chipera S.J., Edgett K.S., Treiman A.H., Clark B.C., Downs R.T., Farmer J.D., Grotzinger J.P., Rampe E.B., Schmidt M.E., Sutter B., Thompson L.M., and MSL Science Team (2017) Multiple stages of aqueous alteration along fractures in mudstone and sandstone strata in Gale Crater, Mars. Earth and Planetary Science Letters
(in press)

Rampe E.B., Ming D.W., Blake D.F., Bristow T.F., Chipera S.J., Grotzinger J.P., Morris R.V., Morrison S.M., Vaniman D.T., Yen A.S., Achilles C.N., Craig P.I., Des Marais D.J., Downs R.T., Farmer J.D., Fendrich K.V., Gellert R., Hazen R.M., Kah L.C., Morookian J.M., Peretyazhko T.S., Sarrazin P., Treiman A.H., Berger J.A., Eigenbrode J., Fairen A.G., Forni O., Gupta S., Hurowitz J.A., Lanza N.L., Schmidt M.E., Siebach K., Sutter B., and Thompson L.M. (2017) Mineralogy of an ancient lacustrine mudstone succession from the Murray formation, Gale crater, Mars. Earth and Planetary Science Letters
(In press)

Rice M.S., Gupta S., Treiman A.H., Stack K.M., Calef F., Edgar L.A., Grotzinger J., Lanza N., Le Deit L., Lasue J., Siebach K.L., Vasavada A., Wiens R.C., and Williams J. (2017) Geologic overview of the Mars Science Laboratory rover mission at the Kimberley, Gale crater, Mars. Journal of Geophysical Research - Planets 122, 2-20, DOI:10.1002/2016JE005200

Scipioni F., Schenk P., Tosi F., D'Aversa E., Clark R., Combe J.-Ph., and Dalle Ore C.M. (2017) Deciphering sub-micron ice particles on Enceladus surface. Icarus 290, 183-200, DOI:10.1016/j.icarus.2017.02.012

Tajeddine R., Soderlund K.M., Thomas P.C., Helfenstein P., Hedman M.M., Burns J.A., and Schenk P.M. (2017) True polar wander of Enceladus from topographic data. Icarus
(In press)

Hinson D.P., Linscott I.R., Young L.A., Tyler G.L., Stern S.A., Beyer R.A., Bird M.K., Ennico K., Gladstone G.R., Olkin C.B., Patzold M., Schenk P.M., Strobel D.F., Summers M.E., Weaver H.A., Woods W.W., The New Horizons ATM Theme Team , and The New Horizons Science Team (2017) Radio occultation measurements of Pluto's neutral atmosphere with New Horizons. Icarus 290, 96-111, DOI:10.1016/j.icaurs.2017.02.031

LPI Editorial Board
Venus Modeling Workshop, May 9-11, 2017, Cleveland, Ohio
Lunar and Planetary Institute

LPI Editorial Board
Workshop on Modern Analytical Methods Applied to Earth, Planetary, and Material Sciences II, November 11-12, 2017, Budapest, Hungary
Lunar and Planetary Institute

Mouginis-Mark P.J., Sharpton V.L., Boyce J.M., and Garbeil H. Determination of Mars crater geometric data: Insights from high resolution digital elevation models. Meteoritics and Planetary Science

Jansen J.C., Andrews-Hanna J.C., Li Y., Lucey P.G., Taylor G.J., Goossens S., Lemoine F.G., Mazarico E., Head III J.W., Milbury C., Kiefer W.S., Soderblom J.M., and Zuber M.T. (2017) Small-scale density variations in the lunar crust revealed by GRAIL. Icarus 291, 107-123, DOI:10.1016/j.icarus.2017.03.017

Frank E.A., Potter R.W.K., Abramov O., James P.B., Klima R.L., Mojzsis S.J., and Nittler L.R. (2017) Evaluating an impact origin for Mercury's high-magnesium region. Journal of Geophysical Research - Planets 122

Schmieder M., Shaulis B.J., Lapen T.J., and Kring D.A. (2017) U-Th-Pb systematics in zircon and apatite from the Chicxulub impact crater, Yucat√°n, Mexico. Geological Magazine

LPI Editorial Board
Uses of Solar System Resources Workshop, December 12-13, 1996, Houston, TX
Lunar and Planetary Institute

LPI Editorial Board
Fourth Conference on Early Mars: Geologic, Hydrologic, and Climatic Evolution and the Implications for Life, October 2-6, 2017, Sedona/Flagstaff, AZ
Lunar and Planetary Institute

Ruesch O., Platz T., Schenk P., McFadden L.A., Castillo-Rogez J.C., Quick L.C., Byrne S., Preusker F., O'Brien D.P., Schmedemann N., Williams D.A., Li J.-Y., Bland M.T., Hiesinger H., Kneissl T., Neesemann A., Schaefer M., Pasckert J.H., Schmidt B.E., Buczkowski D.L., Sykes M.V., Nathues A., Roatsch T., Hoffmann M., Raymond C.A., and Russell C.T. (2016) Cryovolcanism of Ceres. Science 353, aaf4286-1-aaf4286-8, DOI:10.1126/science.aaf4286

Ammannito E., DeSanctis M.C., Ciarniello M., Frigeri A., Carrozzo F.G., Combe J.-Ph., Ehlmann B.L., Marchi S., McSheen H.Y., Raponi A., Toplis M.J., Tosi F., Castillo-Rogez J.C., Capaccioni F., Capria M.T., Fonte S., Giardino M., Jaumann R., Longobardo A., Joy S.P., Magni G., McCord T.B., McFadden L.A., Palomba E., Pieters C.M., Polanskey C.A., Rayman M.D., Raymond C.A., Schenk P.M., Zambon F., and Russell C.T. (2016) Distribution of phyllosilicates on the surface of Ceres. Science 353, aaf4279-1-aaf4279-5, DOI:10.1126/science.aaf4279

Buczkowski D.L., Schmidt B.E., Williams D.A., Mest S.C., Scully J.E.C., Ermakov A.I., Preusker F., Schenk P., Otto K.A., Hiesinger H., O'Brien D., Marchi S., Sizemore H., Hughson K., Chilton H., Bland M., Byrne S., Schorghofer N., Platz T., Jaumann R., Roatsch T., Sykes M.V., Nathues A., De Sanctis M.C., Raymond C.A., and Russell C.T. (2016) The geomorphology of Ceres. Science 353, aaf4332-1-aaf4332-8, DOI:10.1126/science.aaf4332

Hiesinger H., Marchi S., Schmedemann N., Schenk P., Pasckert J.H., Neesemann A., O'Brien D.P., Kneissi T., Ermakov A.I., Fu R.R., Bland T., Nathues A., Platz T., Williams D.A., Jaumann R., Castillo-Rogez J.C., Ruesch O., Schmidt B., Park R.S., Preusker F., Buczkowski D.L., Russell C.T., and Raymond C.A. (2016) Cratering on Ceres: Implications for its crust and evolution. Science 353, aaf4759-1-aaf4759-8, DOI:10.1126/science.aaf4759

Nimmo F., Hamilton D.P., McKinnon W.B., Schenk P.M., Binzel R.P., Bierson C.J., Beyer R.A., Moore J.M., Stern S.A., Weaver H.A., Olkin C.B., Young L.A., Smith K.E., and the New Horizons Geology, Geophysics & Imaging Theme Team (2016) Reorientation of Sputnik Planitia implies on subsurface ocean on Pluto. Nature 540, 94-96, DOI:10.1038/nature20148

Hamilton D.P., Stern S.A., Moore J.M., Young L.A., Binzel R.P., Buie M.W., Buratti B.J., Cheng A.F., Ennico K., Grundy W.M., Linscott I.R., McKinnon W.B., Olkin C.B., Reitsema H.J., Reuter D.C., Schenk P., Showalter M.R., Spencer J.R., Tyler G.L., and Weaver H.A. (2016) The rapid information of Sputnik Planitia early in Pluto's history. Nature 540, 97-99, DOI:10.1038/nature20586

Grundy W.M., Cruikshank D.P., Gladstone G.R., Howett C.J.A., Lauer T.R., Spencer J.R., Summers M.E., Buie M.W., Earle A.M., Ennico K., Parker J.Wm., Porter S.B., Singer K.N., Stern S.A., Verbiscer A.J., Beyer R.A., Binzel R.P., Buratti B.J., Cook J.C., Dalle Ore C.M., Olkin C.B., Parker A.H., Protopapa S., Quirico E., Retherford K.D., Robbins S.J., Schmitt B., Stansberry J.A., Umurhan O.M., Weaver H.A., Young L.A., Zangari A.M., Bray V.J., Cheng A.F., McKinnon W.B., McNutt, Jr. R.L., Moore J.M., Nimmo F., Reuter D.C., Schenk P.M., and The New Horizons Science Team (2016) The formation of Charon's red poles from seasonally cold-trapped volatiles. Nature 539, 65-68, DOI:10.1038/nature19340

De Sanctis M.C., Raponi A., Ammannito E., Ciarniello M., Toplis M.J., McSween H.Y., Castillo-Rogez J.C., Ehlmann B.L., Carrozzo F.G., Marchi S., Tosi F., Zambon F., Capaccioni F., Capria M.T., Fonte S., Formisano M., Frigeri A., Giardino M., Longobardo A., Magni G., Palomba E., McFadden L.A., Pieters C.M., Jaumann R., Schenk P., Mugnuolo R., Raymond C.A., and Russell C.T. (2016) Bright carbonate deposits as evidence of aqueous alteration (1) Ceres. Nature 536, 54-57, DOI:10.1038/nature18290

LPI Editorial Board
Lunar and Planetary Science XVII, supplement : Seventeenth Lunar and Planetary Science Conference March 17, 1986, March 17-21, 1986

Spudis P.D., and Sliz M.U. (2017) Impact melt of the lunar Crisium multiring basin. Geophysical Research Letters 44

White O.L., Schenk P.M., Bellagamba A.W., Grimm A.M., Dombard A.J., and Bray V.J. (2017) Impact crater relaxation on Dione and Tethys and relation to past heat flow. Icarus 288, 37-52, DOI:10.1016/j.icarus.2017.01.025

Sonzogni Y., Treiman A.H., and Schwenzer S.P. (2017) Serpentinite with and without brucite: A reaction pathway analysis of a natural serpentinite in the Josephine ophiolite, California. Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences

Sutton S.R., Goodrich C.A., and Wirick S. (2017) Titanium, vanadium and chromium valences in silicates of ungrouped achondrite NWA 7325 and ureilite Y-791538 record highly-reduced origins. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 204, 313-330, DOI:10.1016/j.gca.2017.01.036

Mackwell S.J. (2012) Melt inclusions in olivine: Reliable witnesses to Earth's interior?. Geology 40, 959-960, DOI:10.1130/focus102012.1

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Goodrich C.A., Kita N.T., Sutton S.R., Wirick S., and Gross J. (2017) The Miller Range 090340 and 090206 meteorites: Identification of new brachinite-like achondrites with implications for the diversity and petrogenesis of the brachinite clan. Meteoritics and Planetary Science
(In press)

Howarth G.H., Day J.M.D., Pernet-Fisher J.F., Goodrich C.A., Pearson D.G., Luo Y., Ryabov V.V., and Taylor L.A. (2017) Precious metal enrichment at low-redox in terrestrial native Fe-bearing basalts investigated using laser-ablation ICP-MS. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 343-363

Goodrich C.A., Kita N.T., Yin Q-Z., Sanborn M.E., Williams C.D., Nakashima D., Lane M.D., and Boyle S. (2017) Petrogenesis and provenance of ungrouped achondrite Northwest Africa 7325 from petrology, trace elements, oxygen, chromium and titanium isotopes, and mid-IR spectroscopy. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 203, 381-403, DOI:10.1016/j.gca.2016.12.021

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