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To document the activities of the visiting and staff scientists and other work supported by the Institute, this formal series, called "Lunar and Planetary Institute Contributions," was initiated in September 1969 while the Institute was under the auspices of the National Academy of Sciences. Two additional series, Basaltic Volcanism and the Terrestrial Planets (BV) and the Technical Reports (TR) series, were active between 1977 and 1998. Both the BV and the TR series have been included on this site for a more complete view of Institute-related work. The Lunar and Planetary Institute Contribution series continues today, documenting the scientific research, meeting-related publications, educational materials, outreach products, and other activities of the Institute. The LPI is operated by USRA under a cooperative agreement with the Science Mission Directorate of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.


Bickel V., and Kring D. A. (2020) Lunar South Pole Boulders and Boulder Tracks: Implications for Crew and Rover Traverses. Icarus

Gawronska A. J., Barrett N., Boazman S. J., Gilmour C. M., Halim S. H., Harish , McCanaan K., Satyakumar A. V., Shah J., Meyer H. M., and Kring D. A. (2020) Geologic Context and Potential EVA Targets at the Lunar South Pole. Advances in Space Research

Stern S. A., White O. L., McGovern P. J., Keane J. T., Conrad J. W., Bierson C. J., Lauer T. R., Olkin C. B., Young L. A., Schenk P. M., Moore J. M., Weaver H. A., Runyon K. D., Ennico K., and he New Horizons Team (2020) Pluto’s Far Side. Icarus

Cutler K., Filiberto J., Treiman A., and Trang D. (2020) Experimental Investigation of Oxidation of Pyroxene and Basalt: Implications for Spectroscopic Analyses of the Surface of Venus and the Ages of Lava Flows. Planetary science journal

Kremic T., Ghail R., Gilmore M., Hunter G., Kiefer K., Limaye S., Pauken M., and Wilson C. (2020) Long-duration Venus lander for seismic and atmospheric science. Planetary and Space Science


3rd Interstellar Probe Exploration Workshop, November 17-19, 2020, Baltimore, Maryland/Washington D.C. Area

Semprich J., Filiberto J., and Treiman A. H. (2020) Venus: A phase equilibria approach to model surface alteration as a function of rock composition, oxygen- and sulfur fugacities. Icarus
(In Press)

Stopar J.
Lunar south pole radar images and earthshine model (85°S to pole)

Joy K. H., Tartèse R., Messenger S., Zolensky M. E., Marrocchi Y., Frank D. R., and Kring D. A. (2020) The isotopic composition of volatiles in the unique Bench Crater carbonaceous chondrite impactor found in the Apollo 12 regolith. Earth and Planetary Science Letters
(In Press)

Schenk P. (author 1 of 20) (2020) Impact heat drives volatile redistribution and brine effusion on the ice-salt-silicate-rich dwarf planet Ceres: Comparison with the Moon and Mars. Nature Communications

Lee S., and Xu H. (2020) Using Complementary Methods of Synchrotron Radiation Powder Diffraction and Pair Distribution Function to Refine Crystal Structures with High Quality Parameters—A Review. Minerals 10, 1-17,

Erickson T. M., Kirkland C. L., Timms N. E., Cavosie A. J., and Davison T. M. (2020) Precise radiometric age establishes Yarrabubba, Western Australia, as Earth’s oldest recognized meteorite impact structure. Nature communications 11, 1-8,

Schenk P., Singer K., Beyer R., Beddingfield C., Robbins S.J., McKinnon W.B., Lauer T.R., Verbischer A.J., Keane J.T., Dhingra R.D., Moore J., Parker J.W., Olkin C., Spencer J., Weaver H., and Stern A. (2020) Origins of pits and troughs and degradation on a small primitive planetesimal in the Kuiper Belt: High resolution topography of (486958) Arrokoth (aka 2014 MU69) from New Horizons. Icarus

Earth Day : lunar exploration changed our view of Earth

Earth Day : lunar exploration changed our view of Earth

Earth Day : lunar exploration changed our view of Earth

Earth Day : lunar exploration changed our view of Earth


51st Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, March 16-20, 2020, The Woodlands, Texas
Lunar and Planetary Institute

Rampe E. B., Blake D. F., Bristow T. F., Ming D. W., Vanimance D. T., and Treiman A. H. (2020) Mineralogy and geochemistry of sedimentary rocks and eolian sediments in Gale crater, Mars: A review after six Earth years of exploration with Curiosity. Geochemistry
(In Press)

Harish , Animireddi V. S. K., Barrett N., Boazman S., Gawronska A., Gilmour C., Halim S., McCanaan K., Shah J., and Kring D. A.
Slope Map between Shackleton and de Gerlache Craters, Lunar South Pole

Costello L.J., Filiberto J., Crandall J.R., Potter-McIntyre S.L., Schwenzer S.P., Miller M.A., Hummer D.R., Olsson-Francis K., and Perl S. (2020) Habitability of hydrothermal systems at Jezero and Gusev Craters as constrained by hydrothermal alteration of a terrestrial mafic dyke. Geochemistry
(In Press)

Rivera-Valentin E.G., Chevrier V.F., Soto A., and Martinez G. (2020) Distribution and habitability of (meta)stable brines on present-day Mars. Nature Astronomy

Weaver H. A., Young L. A., Beddingfield C. B., Beyer R. A., Singer K. N., McKinnon W. B., Runyon K., Grundy W., Stern S. A., Bray V., Dhingra R., Moore J. M., Ennico K., Olkin C. B., Schenk P., Spencer J. R., and New Horizons Team (2020) Landslides on Charon. Icarus 335, 1-8,

Savijärvi H.I., Martinez G.M., Fischer E., Renno N.O., Tamparri L.K., Zent A., and Harri A.-M. (2020) Humidity observations and column simulations for a warm period at the Mars Phoenix lander site: Constraining the adsorptive properties of regolith. Icarus
(In press)

Schenk P.M. (2020) The search for Europa’s plumes: No plume patterns or surface changes 1979–2007?. Astrophysical Journal Letters
(In press)

LPI Editorial Board
11th Planetary Crater Consortium Meeting, August 5-7, 2020, Honolulu, Hawaii
Lunar and Planetary Institute

Banerdt W., Smrekar S., Banfield D., Giardini D., Golombek M. (and 64 colleagues), and Beghein C. (author #14 of 69) (2020) Initial results from the InSight mission on Mars. Nature Geoscience

Lognonné P., Banerdt W., Pike W., Giardini D., Christensen U. (and 104 colleagues), and Beghein C. (author #52 of 109) (2020) Constraints on the shallow elastic and anelastic structure of Mars from InSight seismic data. Nature Geoscience
(In press)

Rasmussen C., Stockli D.F., Erickson T.M., and Schmieder M. (2020) Spatial U-Pb age distribution in shock-recrystallized zircon - a case study from the Rochechouart impact structure, France. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 273, 313-330,

Sargeant H.M., Bickel V.T., Honniball C.I., Martinez S.N., Rogaski A., Bell S.K., Czaplinski E.C., Farrant B.E., Harrington E.M., Tolometti G.D., and Kring D.A. (2020) Using boulder tracks as a tool to understand the bearing capacity of permanently shadowed regions of the Moon. Journal of Geophysical Research-Planets

Brozovic M., Nolan M.C., Magri C., Folkner W.M., Jacobson R.A., Harcke L.J., McMichael J.G., Richardson J.E., Harmon J.K., Taylor P.A., Benner L.A.M., Giorgini J.D., Ostro S.J., Perillat P.J., Hine A.A., Naidu S.P., Slade M.A., Rozek A., Rodriguez-Ford L.A., and Zambrano-Marin L.F. (2020) Arecibo radar astrometry of the Galilean satellites from 1999–2016. Astronomical Journal

Greenberg A.H., Margot J.-L., Verma A.K., Taylor P.A., and Hodge S.E. (2020) Yarkovsky drift detections for 247 near-Earth asteroids. Astronomical Journal 159, 92

Bedford C.C., Schwenzer S.P., Bridges J.C., Banham S., Wiens R.C., Gasnault O., Rampe E.B., Frydenvang J., and Gasda P.J. (2020) Geochemical variation in the Stimson formation of Gale crater: Provenance, mineral sorting, and a comparison with modern martian dunes. Icarus 341, 113622

Zhao J., Xiao L., Gulick S.P.S., Morgan J.V., Kring D., Fucugauchi J.U., Schmieder M., de Graaff S.J., Wittmann A., Ross C.H., Claeys P., Pickersgill A., Kaskes P., Goderis S., Rasmussen C., Vajda V., Ferriere L., Feignon J.-G., Chenot E., Perez-Cruz L., Sato H., Yamaguchi K., and IODP–ICDP Expedition 364 scientists (2020) Geochemistry, geochronology and petrogenesis of Maya block granitoids and dikes from the Chicxulub impact crater, Gulf of México: Implications for the assembly of Pangea. Gondwana Research 82, 128-150,

LPI Editorial Board
Lunar Surface Science Workshop, April 28-30, 2020, Denver, Colorado
Lunar and Planetary Institute

Sach V.J., Buchner E., and Schmieder M. (2020) Enigmatic earthquake-generated large-scale clastic dyke in the Biberach area (SW Germany). Sedimentary Geology 398, 105571

Schmieder M., and Kring D.A. (2020) Earth's impact events through geologic time: A list of recommended ages for terrestrial impact structures and deposits. Astrobiology 20, 91-141, DOI:10.1089/ast.2019.2085

LPI Editorial Board
3rd International Planetary Caves Conference, February 18-21, 2020, San Antonio, Texas
Lunar and Planetary Institute

LPI Editorial Board
Exoplanets in Our Backyard: Solar System and Exoplanet Synergies on Planetary Formation, Evolution, and Habitability, February 5-7, 2020, Houston, Texas
Lunar and Planetary Institute

LPI Editorial Board
Outer Planets Assessment Group (OPAG), February 3-5, 2020, Houston, Texas
Lunar and Planetary Institute

LPI Editorial Board
Sixth International Planetary Dunes Workshop, May 12-15, 2020, Alamosa, Colorado
Lunar and Planetary Institute

LPI Editorial Board
Lunar Dust Workshop 2020, February 11-13, 2020, Houston, Texas
Lunar and Planetary Institute

LPI Editorial Board
Seventh International Conference on Mars Polar Science and Exploration (Mars Polar 2020), January 13-17, 2020, Ushuaia, Argentina
Lunar and Planetary Institute

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