List of Lunar white papers being prepared as input for the Planetary Science Division Decadal Survery process. Contact the lead author to get involved.

Title Lead Author(s) E-mail
Why the Moon is Important for Solar System Science Clive Neal [email protected]
The Lunar Exploration Roadmap: Exploring the Moon in the 21st Century: Themes, Goals, Objectives, Investigations, and Priorities, 2009 Clive Neal [email protected]
Exploring the Bombardment History of the Moon Bill Botke [email protected]
Constraining Solar System impact history and evolution of the terrestrial planets with exploration of and samples from the Moon's South Pole-Aitken Basin Noah Petro
Brad Jolliff

[email protected]
[email protected]

Science from the Moon: The NASA/NLSI Lunar University Network for Astrophysics Research (LUNAR) Jack Burns [email protected]
Lunar polar volatiles and associated processes Dana Hurly
David Lawrence
[email protected] [email protected]
The Lunar Dusty Exosphere: The Extreme Case of an Inner Planetary Atmosphere Bill Farrell
Mihaly Horanyi
[email protected]
[email protected]
Ensuring United States Competitiveness in the 21st Century Global Economy with a Long-Term Lunar Exploration Program Carle Pieters
Ian Garrick-Bethell
Mike Wyatt
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
Sample Return from the Earth’s Moon Allan Treiman
Clive Neal
Chip Shearer
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
The Rationale for Deployment of a Long-Lived Geophysical Network on the Moon Clive Neal [email protected]
Lunar Helium-3 Fusion Resource Distribution Harrison H. Schmitt [email protected]
Geopolitical Context of Lunar Exploration and Settlement Harrison H. Schmitt [email protected]
Lunar Field Geological Exploration Harrison H. Schmitt [email protected]
Astrobiology Research Priorities for Mercury, Venus, and the Moon Ariel D. Anbar [email protected]
Unexplored Areas of the Moon: Nonmare Domes Sarah Braden [email protected]
Sampling the Extremes of Lunar Volcanism: The Youngest and Oldest Lunar Basalts Sam Lawrence [email protected]
The Lunar Swirls Georgiana Kramer [email protected]
The Moon as a Test Body for General Relativity Stephen M. Merkowitz [email protected]
Determining the Origins of Lunar Remanent Crustal Magnetism Jasper Halekas [email protected]
Proposal for a Lunar Exploration/Science Campaign: A commercially-leveraged, science-focused, lunar exploration program Robert M. Kelso [email protected]
The Scientific Rationale for Renewed Human Exploration of the Moon Ian Crawford [email protected]
Indicative Basic Issues About Lunar Dust in the Lunar Environment Brian J. O'Brien [email protected]
Developing Sample Return Technology using the Earth's Moon as a Testing Ground Clive R. Neal
Chip Shearer
[email protected]
[email protected]
Lunar and Martian Lava Tube Exploration as part of an Overall Scientific Survey Andrew Daga [email protected]
Lunar Science with ARTEMIS – A Journey from The Moon’s Exosphere to its Core Krishan Khurana [email protected]
Summary and Highlights of the NRC 2007 Report: The Scientific Context for the Exploration of the Moon (SCEM) Carle Pieters
Stefanie Tompkins
[email protected] [email protected]
Lunar Light -Planetary Renewal- A Holistic Viewpoint Amalie Sinclair [email protected]
Lunar Science and Lunar Laser Ranging Jim Williams [email protected]
Solar Radiation Output: Reading the Record of Lunar Rocks Tore Straume [email protected]
Global Distributions of Gas & Dust in the Lunar Atmosphere from Solar Infrared Absorption Measurements with a Fourier Transform Spectrometer Mian Abbas [email protected]
Importance of Measurements of Changing Properties of Individual Submicron Size Lunar Dust Grains Mian Abbas [email protected]
Electromagnetic Sounding of Solid Planets and Satellites Robert Grimm [email protected]
Extralunar Materials in Lunar Regolith Marc Fries  
Lunar Occultation Observer (LOCO) Richard S. Miller [email protected]
On Lunar Volatiles and Their Importance to Resource Utilization and Lunar Science Arlin Crotts [email protected]
Observations Necessary for Useful Global Climate Models Harrison H. Schmitt [email protected]
Lunar Pyroclastic Depostis and the Origin of the Moon Harrison H. Schmitt [email protected]
Development of Capabilities and Instrumentation for Curation and Analysis of Returned Samples Andrew M. Davis [email protected]
Lunar Fluids from Carbon and Chlorine Contents of the Apollo Lunar Samples Yas Miura [email protected]
The Chemical Reactivity of Lunar Dust Relevant to Human Exploration David J. Loftus