List of Lunar white papers being prepared as input for the Planetary Science Division Decadal Survery process. Contact the lead author to get involved.

Title Lead Author(s) E-mail
Why the Moon is Important for Solar System Science Clive Neal
The Lunar Exploration Roadmap: Exploring the Moon in the 21st Century: Themes, Goals, Objectives, Investigations, and Priorities, 2009 Clive Neal
Exploring the Bombardment History of the Moon Bill Botke
Constraining Solar System impact history and evolution of the terrestrial planets with exploration of and samples from the Moon's South Pole-Aitken Basin Noah Petro
Brad Jolliff

Science from the Moon: The NASA/NLSI Lunar University Network for Astrophysics Research (LUNAR) Jack Burns
Lunar polar volatiles and associated processes Dana Hurly
David Lawrence
The Lunar Dusty Exosphere: The Extreme Case of an Inner Planetary Atmosphere Bill Farrell
Mihaly Horanyi
Ensuring United States Competitiveness in the 21st Century Global Economy with a Long-Term Lunar Exploration Program Carle Pieters
Ian Garrick-Bethell
Mike Wyatt
Sample Return from the Earth’s Moon Allan Treiman
Clive Neal
Chip Shearer
The Rationale for Deployment of a Long-Lived Geophysical Network on the Moon Clive Neal
Lunar Helium-3 Fusion Resource Distribution Harrison H. Schmitt
Geopolitical Context of Lunar Exploration and Settlement Harrison H. Schmitt
Lunar Field Geological Exploration Harrison H. Schmitt
Astrobiology Research Priorities for Mercury, Venus, and the Moon Ariel D. Anbar
Unexplored Areas of the Moon: Nonmare Domes Sarah Braden
Sampling the Extremes of Lunar Volcanism: The Youngest and Oldest Lunar Basalts Sam Lawrence
The Lunar Swirls Georgiana Kramer
The Moon as a Test Body for General Relativity Stephen M. Merkowitz
Determining the Origins of Lunar Remanent Crustal Magnetism Jasper Halekas
Proposal for a Lunar Exploration/Science Campaign: A commercially-leveraged, science-focused, lunar exploration program Robert M. Kelso
The Scientific Rationale for Renewed Human Exploration of the Moon Ian Crawford
Indicative Basic Issues About Lunar Dust in the Lunar Environment Brian J. O'Brien
Developing Sample Return Technology using the Earth's Moon as a Testing Ground Clive R. Neal
Chip Shearer
Lunar and Martian Lava Tube Exploration as part of an Overall Scientific Survey Andrew Daga
Lunar Science with ARTEMIS – A Journey from The Moon’s Exosphere to its Core Krishan Khurana
Summary and Highlights of the NRC 2007 Report: The Scientific Context for the Exploration of the Moon (SCEM) Carle Pieters
Stefanie Tompkins
Lunar Light -Planetary Renewal- A Holistic Viewpoint Amalie Sinclair
Lunar Science and Lunar Laser Ranging Jim Williams
Solar Radiation Output: Reading the Record of Lunar Rocks Tore Straume
Global Distributions of Gas & Dust in the Lunar Atmosphere from Solar Infrared Absorption Measurements with a Fourier Transform Spectrometer Mian Abbas
Importance of Measurements of Changing Properties of Individual Submicron Size Lunar Dust Grains Mian Abbas
Electromagnetic Sounding of Solid Planets and Satellites Robert Grimm
Extralunar Materials in Lunar Regolith Marc Fries  
Lunar Occultation Observer (LOCO) Richard S. Miller
On Lunar Volatiles and Their Importance to Resource Utilization and Lunar Science Arlin Crotts
Observations Necessary for Useful Global Climate Models Harrison H. Schmitt
Lunar Pyroclastic Depostis and the Origin of the Moon Harrison H. Schmitt
Development of Capabilities and Instrumentation for Curation and Analysis of Returned Samples Andrew M. Davis
Lunar Fluids from Carbon and Chlorine Contents of the Apollo Lunar Samples Yas Miura
The Chemical Reactivity of Lunar Dust Relevant to Human Exploration David J. Loftus