SBAG Community Poll - Primitive Bodies Decadal Priorities

Report to Primitive Bodies Decadal Panel, 10/27/09
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SBAG Community White Papers

Presententation Delivered to the Primitive Bodies Decadal Panel, 9/5/09
Presentation to the Primitive Bodies Decadal Panel, 9/9/09

Subdiscipline Lead(s)
Near-Earth Objects M. Nolan
Asteroids D. Britt
Comets H. A. Weaver and K. J. Meech
Dwarf Planets W. M. Grundy
Centaurs and Small Irregular TNOs Y. R. Fernàdez
Interplanetary Dust A. Espy and A. Graps
Small Satellites B. J. Buratti

Other Small Bodies Related Decadal White Papers

Abell et al., Scientific Investigation of Near-Earth Objects via the Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle
Alcock et al., Whipple: Exploring the Solar System Beyond Neptune Using a Survey for Occultations of Bright Stars
Agnor et al., The Exploration of Neptune and Triton
Ashley et al., The Scientific Rationale for Studying Meteorites found on Other Worlds
Asmin et al., Planetary Radio Science: Investigations of Interiors, Surfaces, Atmospheres, Rings, and Environments
Backman, SOFIA Planetary Science Vision
Beebe et al., Data Management, Preservation and the Future of PDS
Bondo et al., Preliminary Design of an Advanced Mission to Pluto
Bus et al., The NASA Infrared Telescope Facility
Astillo-Rogez et al., Laboratory Studies in Support of Planetary Geophysics
Beauchamp et al., Technologies for Outer Planet Missions: A Companion to the Outer Planet Assessment Group (OPAG) Strategic Exploration White Paper
Cheng et al., Binary and Multiple Systems
Cooper et al., Space Weathering Impact on Solar System Surfaces and Mission Science
Davis et al., Development of Capabilities and Instrumentation for Curation and Analysis of Returned Samples
Geldzahler and Deutsch, Future Plans for the Deep Space Network (DSN)
Giorgini et al., Radar Astrometry of Small Bodies: Detection, Characterization, Trajectory Prediction, and Hazard Assessment
Grimm et al., Electromagnetic Sounding of Solid Planets and Satellites
Gruen et al., Mass Spectrometry of Atmosphereless Planetary Objects (Full Version)
Gruen et al., Mass Spectrometry of Atmosphereless Planetary Objects (Short Version)
Gudipati et al., Laboratory Studies for Planetary Sciences
Hansen et al., KBO Science with Argo - A Voyage through the Outer Solar System
Hodyss et al., Recommended Laboratory Studies in Support of Planetary Science: Surface Chemistry of Icy Bodies
Hibbitts et al., Stratospheric Balloon Missions for Planetary Science: A Petition for the Formation of a Working Group to Study the FeaFacility Platform to Support Planetary Science Missions
Johnson et al., The Importance of a Planetary Cartography Program: Status and Recommendations for NASA 2013–2023
Jones et al., Strengthening U.S. Exploration Policy via Human Expeditions to Near-Earth Objects
Khan et al., The Importance of Utilizing and Developing Radioisotope Electric Propulsion for Missions Beyond Saturn
Lo et al., Secondary Payloads Using the LCROSS Architecture
Martinez and Frampton, Thermal Protection System Sensors
Messenger et al., Sample Return from Primitive Asteroids and Comets
Murchie et al., The Scientific Rationale for Robotic Exploration of Phobos and Deimos
Noble et al., New Opportunities for Outer Solar System Science using Radioisotope Electric Propulsion
Nolan et al., Imaging of Near-Earth Asteroids
Riedel et al., A Survey of Technologies Necessary for the Next Decade of Small Body and Planetary Exploration
Rathke, Testing for the Pioneer Anomaly on a Pluto Exploration Mission
Reitsema and Arentz, NEO Survey: An Efficient Search for Near-Earth Objects by an IR Observatory in a Venus-like Orbit
Rivkin et al., The Case for Ceres
Rivkin et al., The Trojan Asteroids: Keys to Many Locks
Ruff et al., Laboratory Studies in Support of Planetary Surface Composition Investigations
Rummel, Planetary Protection for Planetary Science and Exploration
Ryan et al., The TRACER Mission: A Proposed Trojan and Centaur Flyby Mission
Sandford et al., The Comet Coma Rendezvous Sample Return (CCRSMission Concept) - The Next Step Beyond Stardust
Sonneborn et al., Study of Planetary Systems and Solar System Objects with JWST
Spilker et al., Cassini-Huygens Solstice Mission
Thompson et al., Onboard Science Data Analysis: Implications for Future Missions
Traub et al., Exoplanets and Solar System Exploration
Vance et al., Icy Satellite Processes in the Solar System: A Plurality of Worlds
Venkatapathy et al., Thermal Protection System Technologies for Enabling Future Sample Return Missions
Walker et al., Active Seismology of Asteroids through Impact and/or Blast Loading
Wong et al., A Dedicated Space Observatory for Time-Domain Solar System Science
Young et al., Balloon-Borne Telescopes for Planetary Science: Imaging and Photometry

Relevant Astrobiology White Papers

Hand et al., An Astrobiological Lens on Planetary System Science
Hand et al., Astrobiology Priorities for Planetary Science Flight Missions
Lauretta et al., Astrobiology Research Priorities for Primitive Asteroids
Schulze-Makuch et al., Astrobiology Research Priorities for the Outer Solar System