Venus White Papers for the Next Decadal Study

Venus White Papers for the Planetary Sciences Decadal Survey

Venus Climate Flagship Mission – Inner Planets Panel Teleconference
December 2, 2009

Inputs to Inner Planets Panel – Inner Planets Panel Teleconference
December 2, 2009

VEXAG Goals, Objectives, Investigations, and Priorities: 2009
Sanjay Limaye, Suzanne Smrekar and Venus Executive Committee

Venus Atmosphere: Major Questions and Required Observations
Sanjay S. Limaye, Mark Allen, Sushil Atreya, Kevin H. Baines

Venus: Constraining Crustal Evolution from Orbit Via High-Resolution Geophysical and Geological Reconnaissance
Jim Garvin, Lori Glaze, Sushil Atreya, et al.

Comparative Planetary Climate Studies
David Grinspoon, Mark Bullock, et al.

Report on the LPI Workshop: "Venus Geochemistry: Progress, Prospects, and Future Missions"
Allan H. Treiman, et al.

Previously Overlooked/Ignored Electronic Charge Carriers in Rocks
Friedemann Freund

Mission Concept: Venus in situ Explorer (VISE)
Larry W. Esposito and the SAGE (New Frontiers 3) Proposal Team

Venus Atmospheric Explorer New Frontiers Mission Concept
Kevin H. Baines, Sushil Atreya, et al.

The Venus Science and Technology Definition Team Flagship Mission Study
Mark A. Bullock, David A. Senske, Tibor. S. Balint, et al.

Technologies for Future Venus Exploration
Tibor Balint, James Cutts, Mark Bullock, James Garvin

Thermal Protection System Technologies for Enabling Future Venus Exploration
Ethiraj Venkatapathy, et al.