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Steve Clifford,
Lunar and Planetary Institute


Jack Farmer,
Arizona State University


Robert Haberle,
NASA Ames Research Center
Horton Newsom,
University of New Mexico


Tim Parker,
Jet Propulsion Laboratory


Sponsored by


Lunar and Planetary Institute,


National Aeronautics and Space Administration,


NASA Mars Program Office


Scientific Organizing Committee

Vic Baker, University of Arizona


David Beaty, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory


Michael Carr, U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park


Benton Clark, Lockheed Martin


Robert Craddock, Smithsonian Institution


Dave Des Marais, NASA Headquarters


Michael Drake, University of Arizona


Francois Forget, University of Paris


James Garvin, NASA Headquarters


Matthew Golombek, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory


John Grant, Smithsonian Institution


James Head III, Brown University


Alan Howard, University of Virginia


James Kasting, Pennsylvania State University


Laurie Leshin, Arizona State University


Ted Maxwell, Smithsonian Institution


Daniel McCleese, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory


Christopher McKay, NASA Ames Research Center


Bruce Runnegar, NASA Astrobiology Institute


Ken Tanaka, U.S. Geological Survey, Flagstaff





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