Extremities:  Geology and Life in Yellowstone and Implications for Other Worlds

Extremities 2002 Teacher Training Workshop -- Itinerary

Friday, July 26Arrive at Hedges Dorm, MSU
Dinner and Introductions
Saturday, July 27Depart for Yellowstone
Lunch at Red Lodge MT (mostly)
Archaean Quartzite and Ironstone in the Snow
Beartooth Pass and Mountain
Arrive Lake Hotel Cabins
Sunday, July 28Grand Prismatic Spring in Fog
Great Fountain Geyser & Lunch
Octopus Springs with Dr. D. Ward
Nymph Creek Springs
Roaring Mountain
Mammoth Hot Springs
   Twin Buttes View Spring
   New Pit Spring
Monday, July 29Bison along Yellowstone R.
Sheepeater Cliffs
Ferocious Marmot
Huckleberry Ridge Tuff @ Mammoth
Obsidian Cliffs
Norris Geyser Basin
Old Faithful Geyser
Altered Rock in Roadcut
Tuesday, July 30Mud Volcano
Yellowstone Canyon and Falls
Mount Washburn Roadcut
Tower Falls
Canary Springs at Mammoth
Travel Back to Bozeman
Wednesday, July 31Yellowstone & Astrobiology (Hoehler)
Volcanism (Irving)
Heat in Planets (Kiefer)
Creature Features (Klug)
Fossils? (Treiman)
Microbiology Lab
Museum of the Rockies
Thursday, August 1Impact Cratering (Newsom)
Creature Features 2 (Treiman)
Mystery Planet (Klug)
Reflectance Spectroscopy (Treiman)
Black Smoker (Irving)
What Makes a Habitable World (Tsairides)
Dinner and Introductions
Friday, August 2Life and Lake Vostok (Forman)
Europa and Titan (Kiefer)
Water on Mars (Treiman)
THEMIS Data in the Classroom (Klug)
Evaluations and Conclusion

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