Extremities:  Geology and Life in Yellowstone and Implications for Other Worlds

Extremeties Teacher Training Workshop -- Participants



Dr. Tony IrvingUniversity of Washington
Dr. Tori HoehlerNASA Ames Research Center, CA
Dr. Allan TreimanLunar and Planetary Institute, TX
Dr. Walter KieferLunar and Planetary Institute, TX
Dr. Horton NewsomUniversity of New Mexico
Dr. David WardMontana State University
Ms. Catherine TsaridesNASA Astrobiology Institute, CA
Ms. Pamela ThompsonLunar and Planetary Institute, TX
Ms. Sheri KlugArizona State University
Ms. Christine FormanMontana State University


Ms. Susan Armbruster Tacoma, WA
Ms. Maggie Bell Lander, WY
Ms. Judy Butler Nashville, TN
Ms. Valerie CheshireDallas, TX
Ms. Rene DeLaFuente Webster, TX
Ms. Marilynn Duran Arlington, TN
Mr. Jim Hill French Camp, MS
Mr. Scott Lessor Port Orchard, WA
Ms. Joan Newsom Albuquerque, NM
Ms. Kim Parfitt Cheyenne, WY
Ms. Gloria Reichmann Wenatchee, WA
Ms. Phyllis Ripkin Dallas, TX
Mr. Joe Ryan Boston, MA
Ms. Lana Zimmer Webster, TX

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