Extremities:  Geology and Life in Yellowstone and Implications for Other Worlds


The Wildlife in Yellowstone was fantastic - a Pleistocene Park. Large mammals wandering free, small mammals unfettered. Lots of bird life. Wish we could have seen more!

Grizzly Bear
Elk in Meadow

We saw this grizzly bear on the first day, travelling into the park from Red Lodge and the Beartooth Mountains. The bear is pretty small and narrow for a grizzly, so it was likely a youngster. It was well above the road, turning over rocks (foraging for grubs?), and posed no threat to us or the other cars that stopped.

A herd of elk, resting in the meadow along the road south of Nymph Lake.
Buck Elk
Doe Elk

Buck elk grazing near the road, near Nymph Lake.
Doe elk grazing in a little island at Old Faithful geyser. All they do is eat and sleep.

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