Extremities:  Geology and Life in Yellowstone and Implications for Other Worlds


Sheri Klug taught the Creature Features classroom activity, which is designed to "enable students to gain appreciation of the importance of making accurate scientific observations, descriptions, and drawings." The activity comes from the Johnson Space Center Astrobiology Curriculum "Fingerprints of Life," and is in the workshop notebook.

Sheri Klug
Bugs in the Machine

Sheri Klug teaches Creature Features. She brought ceatures made of pipe cleaners and craft-store items.
Susan and Rene start out eager and hopeful! The task here is to write a description of their ceature that another scientist (student) could draw a recognizable likeness of it.
Not a Bug, a Feature
Drives me buggy

Joe and Jim in rapt concentration, having bogged down on. Not so easy to write so others can reconstruct the creature!
And the drawing based on the verbal description. Does the drawing match the words? Does the drawing look anything like the ceature??

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