Virtual Trips to Extreme Environments

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NASA-funded scientists, engineers, and technicians who occasionally work in extreme environments such as remote field locations, unique laboratory settings, aircraft, mountain tops, underwater laboratories, and more, are invited to fill out this application form to become VIRTEX mentors. We have a particular need for mentors from historically marginalized communities. Not sure if you’re the right fit? Reach out to us with questions!

Except for your email address, which will be kept private, the information that you enter will be shared with participating Boys & Girls Clubs. It will be used to match scientists (you!) with an appropriate Club.

When a Boys & Girls Club requests that you mentor them, you will receive an automatically generated e-mail with the request. You can either accept or decline the request. Please respond to the Club request within 5 business days.

Please save your responses on a separate document while you enter your information to this database; if you need to revise a response, you will need to resubmit the entire form. If you have any questions, please contact us.

To be removed from the database, please click here.

In general, what times are you more likely to be available for a webinar? (Final times will be worked out between Clubs and Mentors. Select all that apply.)
This year, which months are you more likely to be available for mentoring a club? (Final meeting dates will be worked out between Clubs and Mentors. Select all that apply)
Please read and check the following agreements:

Thank you for your information!

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