The LPI hosts public events annually and supports multiple partner events throughout the Houston area. We hold Sky Fest family events and the Cosmic Explorations Speaker Series at our facility. We also participate in events at public libraries, camps, and other community venues. In addition, the Science Engagement staff supports the LPI scientists’ education efforts throughout the Houston area.

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What Might Artemis Astronauts Encounter at the Lunar South Pole?
What Might Artemis Astronauts Encounter at the Lunar South Pole?

June 8, 2023
7:30 p.m. CDT
In-person and online

Join the LPI for a hybrid presentation (in-person and online) by Dr. David Kring, Principal Scientist at the Lunar and Planetary Institute. Artemis III astronauts will land on a fascinatingly cold and rugged terrain in the lunar south polar region. Far different than terrains traversed by Apollo astronauts, the south-polar terrain presents new and exciting scientific opportunities to learn more about the Moon. Dr. Kring will discuss this unique environment and what astronauts may encounter during traverses of this unexplored region.

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Johnson Space Center Astronomical Society (JSCAS)

Meetings occur on the second Friday of each month

Johnson Space Center Astronomical Society is an association of amateur astronomers dedicated to the study and enjoyment of astronomy since 29 May 1967.

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