To the Moon and Beyond From Apollo to the Future

From Apollo to the Future

Today's children are the next generation of lunar explorers! The Apollo missions explored the Moon 50 years ago. The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) is collecting detailed information about the lunar environment, as we prepare to live and work safely on another planetary body!

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The activities are suitable for children ages 8–13 unless otherwise noted.

First Step: Return to the Moon!
Discuss the Earth's Moon, review books and resources to learn more about the lunar environment and history of exploration, then create a drawing or a model of the landscape.

Moon Pie
Apply your knowledge to match responses to Moon questions and build a picture of the Moon.

Crater Creations: Moon
Create impact craters and examine the associated features. Explore how the comet or asteroid’s mass, shape, and speed affects the crater.

Build an LRO
(Ages 5 to 10) Create a model of a lunar orbiter out of edible or non-edible materials.

Build a Moon Base!
Construct a lunar outpost out of craft items.

Ice Zones: Where We Look for Ice
Use a clay ball, ice cubes, and a heat lamp to model the permanently-shadowed polar regions of the Moon where LRO has found evidence of water ice.

The Scoop on Moon Dirt
Compare the different ways in which soil forms on the Earth and the Moon; use ice rocks, toast, and graham crackers to model how water, wind, and impactors help to make soil.

Mission Moon!
(Ages 10 and up) Assess environmental conditions, resources, and scientific relevance of different locations on the Moon, then select the site with the best potential for a future lunar outpost.

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