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To the Moon and Beyond From Apollo to the Future

First Step: Return to the Moon!


First Step: Return to the Moon! is a 60-minute kick-off for children ages 8 to 13 that sets the stage for further explorations and activities in Explore! To the Moon and Beyond! As a group, children discuss what they know about Earth's Moon. They read books to learn more about the lunar environment and history of exploration. They use their knowledge to create a drawing or model of the landscape (optional). The children revisit what they have learned and prepare to explore further.

What's the Point?


For the group:

For the facilitator:



1. Assemble the children in a group and invite them to share what they know about the Moon. Keep track of their ideas on poster paper. It is not important to correct the children's ideas, rather this activity should encourage them to explore and learn more.

2. Following the discussion, invite the children to read about the Moon! Consider dividing the children into smaller groups, or inviting older children to take turns reading to the group.

When they are finished reading, consider inviting the children to draw a picture
or create a model of the lunar landscape using the craft items available.

3. When they have finished reading, ask the children to share what they have learned.

4. Share with the children that NASA is excited about the Moon and plans to start sending humans there when the children are young adults. LRO is orbiting the Moon to help us better understand its environment and resources. This spacecraft will collect science information that will help scientists and engineers determine the best place to build future lunar outpost.


Ask the children if they would like to learn more about the Moon and its exploration.

Invite the children to explore the Moon with additional activities from this module.