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Moon Pie


Children ages 8 to 11 work in teams to apply their knowledge from the Moon Tune and/or from their reading about the Moon, its environment, and the LRO mission to match responses to Moon questions. With the correct responses, they build a picture of the Moon in this 20-minute activity.

What's the Point?


For each group of two to four children:

For the facilitator



1. If you have not done so, invite the children to share what they have learned about the Moon's history and about the LRO mission from the Moon Tune and the books they read about the Moon.

2. Divide the children into teams of two to four and explain that they are in a competition to form a complete picture of the Moon. The team that answers the questions correctly and creates a full Moon image first wins!

Provide each team with copies of the Moon Pie Questions Game Board and the Moon Pie Answer Board. Have them cut out the circle of answers and cut carefully along the lines so that they have several "slices" of "Moon Pie." On the front of each slice is a possible answer to a question; on the back of each slice is an image of the Moon.

3. Challenge the teams to answer the questions in turn from the Moon Pie Question Board. The child who goes first matches question #1 to the appropriate answer from the Moon Pie Answer Board. Encourage the children to think of the answer with their teams before they look at the answer board.

Once the correct answer is identified, the child takes the slice from the answer board, turns it over to reveal the Moon surface, and tapes it to the blank Moon circle in the position indicated by the number of the question. The next child answers question #2, and the process is repeated until the complete Moon is formed from the slices. Have the children look closely at their Moon pies as they are building them; do the features fit together correctly? Are all the puzzle pieces in place?

4. The first team to complete their Moon wins! Be sure to verify the correct order of their Moon slices before declaring the winner.

Looking for a bigger challenge?
Provide each team with the image of the Moon but not with the answers on the opposite side. Have the children determine the answers based on their knowledge from the reading activity or song.


Invite the children to explore the Moon with additional activities from this module.