Playful Building
EXPLORE! Playful Building


Discover Tech Hands-on Engineering Module:  Playful Building

Engineers work to solve the basic challenges of life — including having fun! Playful Building explores the process of solving such challenges through engineering in an imaginative task:  designing, building, and maintaining a community park!  The Playful Building activities are designed to engage children, tweens, and families (or other groups of mixed ages) in hands-on engineering fun at the library and other out-of-classroom environments. Young "engineers":

  • Plan their dream community park;
  • Design and build simple machines used in play; and
  • Explore approaches for protecting park visitors from water-borne illness through simple water filtration and for powering the park with wind energy.

View a short video introduction about Playful Building, including implementation suggestions!

Last updated
June 18, 2013