Explore! Earth's Climate

Explore - Earth's Climate

Investigate Earth’s oceans, poles, and climate.

Explore Earth’s Climate is a combination of activities originally developed by LPI for "Sharing The International Polar Year Through Library and After-School Program Networks" and for STARNet’s “Discover Earth” exhibit.

Learn more about Earth’s climate.

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Activities Overview

Catch the World's Oceans:
Play a game of toss with an inflatable or stuffed globe to demonstrate how much of Earth’s surface is covered by oceans.

Wind Streamer:
Create a wind streamer out of common materials and use it to determine wind direction.

Fastest Dresser:
Use dress-up clothes and race the clock to prepare for a given day’s weather!

Polar Bears or Penguins?
Arctic and Antarctic teams investigate Earth's polar regions and play a matching game using of North and South pole facts.

On the Rise
Use ice blocks and heat lamps to model what will happen to coastlines around the world as glaciers melt.

Balancing Act:
Construct a mobile that models the balance of warming and cooling influences, represented by craft materials, on the Earth's global temperatures, and discover the additional warming and cooling factors needed to create Earth's moderate temperatures.

Catching a Heat Wave:
Model the effect of greenhouse gases on the Earth's atmosphere using softballs, gloves, and oven mitts.

Recipe for a Region:
Celebrate your region of the United States through food by identifying and preparing a regional meal (or snacks) featuring an ingredient suited to the climate.

Polar Bears Go with the Floes:
A board game where everyone wins or loses! Learn ways to be good environmental stewards through a collaborative game to determine the fate of a polar bear on an ice floe.

Earth: Artistically Balanced:
Depict the science behind Earth’s climate system as art.

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