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Explore! Ice Worlds!

All About Ice

Investigate ice, learn about its properties, and explore how it can change states to a liquid or a gas.

Learn more about water and ice.

Explore other ice activities:

Activities Overview

Ice Bingo: An Icebreaker Activity Find others who have had experiences described on the ice bingo cards in this game.

States of Water: A Snow Mobile: Prepare the materials for a mobile by discussing the questions and ideas about ice, water, and water vapor. At the close of the module, they complete the mobile.

An Ice Magic Show: Brainstorm what makes a state change after observing the amazing “State Change Trick.”

Around the Block: An Ice Tour: Investigating the basic properties of ice using common tools and senses.

The Melting Point! Predict then test which ice cube will melt faster: one sprinkled with salt, or one without salt. After learning that salt lowers the melting point of ice, use this knowledge to make ice cream!

That's A N(ice) Temperature: Find the melting and freezing points of water and ice.

Amazing Expanding Ice: Experiment with freezing water to observe another special property of ice:  that it is less dense as a solid (ice) than it is as a liquid (water).

The Tip of the Iceberg: Observe an ice cube in water and draw conclusions about properties of ice.

Flubber Flows: Predict and model the properties of glaciers, view images of advancing glaciers, and create Flubber flows!