Explore! Ice Worlds!

All About Ice

Investigate ice, learn about its properties, and explore how it can change states to a liquid or a gas.

Learn more about water and ice.

Explore other ice activities:

Activities Overview

Ice Bingo: An Icebreaker Activity
Find others who have had experiences described on the ice bingo cards in this game.

States of Water: A Snow Mobile
Prepare the materials for a mobile by discussing the questions and ideas about ice, water, and water vapor. At the close of the module, they complete the mobile.

An Ice Magic Show
Brainstorm what makes a state change after observing the amazing “State Change Trick.”

Around the Block: An Ice Tour
Investigating the basic properties of ice using common tools and senses.

The Melting Point!
Predict then test which ice cube will melt faster: one sprinkled with salt, or one without salt. After learning that salt lowers the melting point of ice, use this knowledge to make ice cream!

That's A N(ice) Temperature
Find the melting and freezing points of water and ice.

Amazing Expanding Ice
Experiment with freezing water to observe another special property of ice: that it is less dense as a solid (ice) than it is as a liquid (water).

The Tip of the Iceberg
Observe an ice cube in water and draw conclusions about properties of ice.

Flubber Flows
Predict and model the properties of glaciers, view images of advancing glaciers, and create Flubber flows!

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