Less than 30 minutes

These fun space science activities can be done alone or as part of a larger program.  They can be extended through discussion.

Using Oreo cookies to illustrate the Moon's changing phases

Mars Match
Children compare images of Mars’ features and match them to photos of similar features on Earth.

Loony Lunar Phases
Children use Oreo cookies to illustrate the Moon’s changing phases.

Dunking the Planets
Children explore the density of planets using fruits and vegetables as models.

Strange New Planet
Children plan and carry out a series of missions to a “planet” and communicate their discoveries to their team.

Rocket Launch
Children build and launch film-canister rockets.

Space Rocks: A Meteorite Board Game
Learn about meteoroids, meteors, meteorites, asteroids, and comets as you move from outer space to Earth’s surface.

Rocky Rubble Piles
Investigate models of asteroids to determine whether they are solid bodies or made of multiple pieces of rock, ice, and dust.

Dry Ice Comet
Make a model of a comet with dry ice and other ingredients to demonstrate the comet nucleus, coma, and outgassing.

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