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Explore! Marvel Moon

Moon Over My Town


Community members of all ages are invited to contribute photographs — taken with cell phones, film cameras, or more sophisticated equipment — of the Moon. The images are collected over the course of a month or more and posted in chronological order. The collection forms a library display featuring the Moon's changing appearance in your local sky over the course of a month or more. This community engagement activity can be offered before, during, or after offering Explore! Marvel Moon programs at your site.

What's the Point?


Facility needs:

For the community:

The Moon
Seymour Simon, 2003, Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing, ISBN: 0689835639
An exploration of the Moon with fantastic images for children ages 7 to 10.

Earth and the Moon
Ron Miller, 2003, Twenty First Century Books, ISBN: 0761323589
Written for young teens, this book examines the formation and evolution of the Earth and Moon.

Stories of the Moon
Joan Marie Galat, 2004, Whitecap Books, ISBN: 1552856100
A beautifully illustrated collection of stories about the Moon from cultures around the world for children ages 9 to 12.

The Moon: Earth's Companion in Space
Michael D. Cole, 2001, Enslow Publishers, ISBN 0766015106Children ages 9 to 12 learn about lunar orbits and phases, human exploration, and the mystery about how our Moon formed. 

The Earth and the Moon
Linda Elkins-Tanton, Chelsea House, 2006, ISBN 0816051941
Written for young adults and adults, this book discusses Earth's size, orbit, mass, seasons and more as well as the evolution of the Moon.

For the facilitator:



1. Invite the community to email or submit their photographs of the Moon to the library's email address or drop-off location. Ask them to include the date and time that the photograph was taken. Provide resources for community members to view the Moon, including a calendar of the Moon phases and rise and set times. (Newspapers often include this information for the current day.)

2. Collect submissions over the course of at least one month and organize them chronologically in a public display. If desired, place each photograph in the template along with the date and time taken, the contributor's first name, and any comments. Print the submissions and post them in a community space, or include them in a public website. Display the images in order of the time and date taken.

3. Send your best submissions to for inclusion on the Lunar and Planetary Institute's Flickr group!


Conclude the community observations with a celebration of the Moon! Feature the display of submissions. Collect feedback about the experience through comment cards and informal conversations with patrons. Use the image display during your Explore! Marvel Moon children's and family programs.

Celebrate the Moon by launching or continuing the Explore! Marvel Moon children's activities, or conclude the module with this celebration. Invite the community to continue to observe the Moon in the future.