Scientific Experimentation

These space science activities encourage the children to develop and test hypotheses, plan and revise their designs, and conduct investigations.

Designing, testing, and modifying a capsule to protect an egg from breaking

Searching for Life
Children conduct a simple experiment comparing soil samples for signs of life.

Protecting Life: The Martian Challenge
Children create a “martian” and design and test protection for the harsh ultraviolet radiation conditions on Mars.

Infant Moon: Moon Mix!
Children create a model of the Moon’s layers by testing and selecting materials based on their densities.

The Melting Point
Children predict and test the effects of salt on ice, before making ice cream.

That’s a N(ice) Temperature
Children experiment to find the melting and freezing points of water and ice.

Eggstronaut Drop
Children design, test, and modify a capsule to protect an egg from breaking during a landing.

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