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Health in Space

Overview of Activities

On Earth and in space we must maintain our health to perform our everyday tasks well.  While children and astronauts have a lot in common when it comes to staying healthy, living and working in space puts some unique twists on health issues.

Learn more about the effects of space on the human body.

Space Bound! The Initial Engagement
Listen to a story about living and working in space, then through discussion, identify the challenges astronauts face.

Space Radiation - UV Kid!
Use common craft materials and ultraviolet (UV)-sensitive beads to construct a person (or creature) and test materials that might protect UV Kid from UV radiation.

Beans in Space
Perform arm curls with cans that simulate the weight of beans on Earth, on the Moon, and in the microgravity of Earth orbit to explore what happens to muscles in space.

Follow the Bouncing Ball
Predict and simulate whether a ball on Earth or on the Moon bounces higher.

Measure Up!
Measure ankles before and after lying with your feet in the air to simulate the microgravity of space, where everything — including body fluids — floats.

Bones of Contention
Make models representing bones on Earth and bones that have been in space to discover what happens to bones without proper exercise and nutrition.

Sponge Spool Spine
Simulate the expansion of a human spine in space by dipping sponges and spools threaded on chenille sticks in water.

The Astronaut In Me
Investigate the importance of good nutrition, sleep, exercise, and recreation for astronauts!

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