Activities, Handouts, and Powerpoints

Various Backwards Faded Scaffolding Activities: A variety of activities, many of which were written by Tim and Stephanie Slater, going from structured to open inquiry.
SPICE (University of Florida GK-12 program): Project SPICE has created several inquiry modules geared for K-12 science classrooms.
Earth Exploration Toolbox: The Earth Exploration Toolbook is a collection of computer-based Earth science activities. Each activity, or chapter, introduces one or more data sets and an analysis tool that enables users to explore some aspect of the Earth system.
Plate Tectonics: Discovering Plate Boundaries: A jigsaw inquiry activity using maps of data (seismic, volcanic, topographical, and sea floor age. a data rich exercise to help students discover the processes that occur at plate tectonic boundaries. It has been used with students from 5th grade to Earth Science Majors at Rice University. It works well over this wide range because it requires the students to observe and classify data. It does not require prior knowledge of plate tectonics.

Workshop Handouts
ABC Classrooms (also known as "What Do Teachers Do?") (Word doc)
Carousel of Prior Knowledge (powerpoint)
Locating Useable NASA Data (powerpoint)
Other NASA Resources (powerpoint)

Scientist Presentations and Resources
Lunar Meteorites and the search about the origin of our Moon (Large file: 22 Meg)
This is the presentation given by Dr. Juliane Gross at FINESSE at ASTE, Jan. 4, 2012.
Volcanism in our Solar System (Large file: 30 Meg)
This is the presentation given by Dr. Brent Garry at FINESSE at ASTE, Jan. 3, 2012.
What If Apollo Explored Washington DC?
This pdf is of a talk by FINESSE speaker Brent Garry, given for the International Observe the Moon Night.
Online book: “Analogs for Planetary Exploration” B. Garry and J. Bleacher
Desert Research and Technology Studies (RATS)
This NASA team evaluates technology, human-robotic systems and extravehicular equipment in the high desert near Flagstaff, AZ.  They periodically hold online discussions and presentations for classes during their missions.
GigaPan McCartys Lava Flow
There are a number of very large panoramic images on GigaPan taken by scientists studying lava flows and other lunar and planetary analog sites.

About Inquiry
Inquiry Unpacked (powerpoint)
What Teacher Educators Need to Know about Inquiry-Based Instruction (external link)

Inquiry Project Using Data
Inquiry in Action (Structured to Open, using Galilean Moons; powerpoint)
Inquiry Science Mini-Conference Call for Papers (Word doc)
Inquiry Project Evaluation Guide (Word doc)
Electronic Poster Slides (powerpoint)

Assessment and Evaluations
Assessment and Inquiry document (powerpoint)
Attitudes toward Science Assessment (Word doc)
Field-tested Learning Assessment Guide (external link)
Rubistar: Create Rubrics for your Project=Based Learning Activities (external link)
Science Teaching Efficacy Belief Survey (Word doc)

Education Research
Impact of Backwards Faded Scaffolding in an Astronomy course for Pre-Service Elementary Teachers based on Inquiry (pdf)
Use of Real-World Data and Information in the Classroom (pdf)
NASA SMD Pre-Service Education Working Group Resources (external link)