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Parents are the most important role models children have! By actively making science a part of family life, you send the message that science is important. Plus, participating in science doesn’t require knowledge of math and science. It only takes curiosity, an interest in learning, a willingness to talk to each other, and having fun together!

Why Explore Science with your Child?

For more information on the importance of adding science to your family’s time, please visit the National Science Teacher Association’s website at

For more information on making science part of your family's life, please visit PBS's science for parents website at

There are many ways families can learn together. Use the information and resources below to explore science from home.

Crater Creations: How craters form on solid surfaces throughout the solar system.

Crater Creations
Like the Earth's Moon, the surfaces of asteroids are scarred with impact craters. This activity explores how craters form on solid surfaces throughout the solar system.

NASA's Spot the Station

When will the International Space Station (ISS) fly over your city? NASA's Spot the Station widget will tell you what day and time the ISS will be visible from your location. Below is information for the Houston, Texas area. You can sign up for e-mail or mobile text alerts and be notified of opportunities to watch the ISS fly overhead!