Reaching the Moon

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March 9, 2008
Lunar and Planetary Institute
Houston, Texas

Our Moon is easily seen by people of all cultures, everywhere around the world. 2008 will see the launch of three new missions to the Moon: LRO, LCROSS, and Chandrayaan-1. These will join Kaguya and Chang'e I, ushering in an unparalleled period of lunar discovery. These missions will characterize surface materials to identify potential resources, photograph and map the lunar landscape to determine future landing sites, define the lunar environment, and search for water in permanently shadowed polar regions, in preparation for future human exploration. How should educators and scientists leverage their efforts and the upcoming missions, to share the Moon with their audiences?

The Education / Public Outreach LPSC Forum for scientists and space science educators took place on Sunday, March 9, at the Lunar and Planetary Institute.

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