Engaging Multicultural Audiences in Planetary Science

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March 11, 2007
Lunar and Planetary Institute
Houston, Texas

Each year, the Lunar and Planetary Institute hosts an educational workshop that examines an issue of interest to the planetary science research and education communities. The workshop is held in association with the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.

This year we examined the need for — and value of — engaging traditionally underserved multicultural audiences in planetary science exploration. An unprecedented number of missions are exploring our solar system, and our interests in our near neighbors of the Moon and Mars have been reinvigorated. And yet, is our solar system accessible to everyone? How do we share opportunities and discoveries with an increasingly multicultural public audience? How do we actively engage students of all ages from traditionally underserved cultures in exploration?  Join us to discuss the diverse needs of diverse audiences and learn strategies to engage multicultural audiences in scientific investigation and discovery.

Our speakers this year included:

  • Joyce Winterton, Assistant Administrator for Education, NASA Headquarters
  • Michael Ceballos,  Director – SKC Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Research Laboratory, Salish Kootenai College
  • Marcelo Vazquez, NSBRI/NASA Space Radiation Liaison
  • Leon Johnson, Project Director – New York City Space Science Research Alliance

Speakers addressed cultural styles and differences in interaction, learning, and relevance, and presenting viewpoints from diverse backgrounds.

Steering Committee

Jaclyn Allen
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Lynn Narasimhan
Space Science Center for Education and Outreach
DePaul University
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Larry Cooper
Program Planning Specialist for Education and Public Outreach
NASA Headquarters
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Cassandra Runyon
College of Charleston
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Marilyn Lindstrom
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Stephanie Shipp
Lunar and Planetary Institute
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Doug Lombardi
Regional Trainer, Southern Nevada Regional Professional Development Program
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Christine Shupla
Lunar and Planetary Institute
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Logistical Support

Katy Buckaloo
Lunar and Planetary Institute
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