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Planetary Science Palooza

Planetary Palooza 2017

Free! All are invited to come explore hands-on activities and hear the latest in planetary science and exploration.

Sunday, March 18, 2018, 2 pm to 5 pm
Held in connection with the 2018 Lunar and Planetary Science Conference

At the Montgomery A room, Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel and Convention Center, the Woodlands, Texas

Complimentary parking is available at the Pavilion Parking Garage on Six Pines Drive; use the skywalk on the 4th floor to enter the conference venue.



2 pm   Dr. Ben Bussey, NASA’s Lunar Gateway
Dr. Bussey is the Chief Exploration Scientist of the Advanced Exploration Systems Division within NASA’s Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate. His research concentrates on the remote sensing of the surfaces of planets, and includes the first quantitative illumination maps of the Moon’s polar regions.

2:45    Dr. Nadine Barlow, What We Know about Mars from its Impacts
Dr. Barlow iscurrently a professor and department chair at Northern Arizona University and the director of the Northern Arizona University/NASA Space Grant Program. Her research focuses on impact craters and what they can tell us about the distribution of subsurface water and/or ice reservoirs.

3:30    Dr. Justin Filiberto, Volcanism in the Inner Solar System: A tour of volcanoes on Mars, Venus, Mercury, and the Moon
Dr. Filiberto is an Associate Professor at Southern Illinois University. He studies basalt formations to constrain models of the evolution of the crust and mantle, particularly on Mars and Earth.

4:15    Dr. Susanne Schwenzer, Through the Eyes of the Curiosity Rover: Gale Crater Rocks!
Dr. Schwenzer is a Research Fellow at Open University where she studies noble gases in minerals and how minerals are altered by water. She is part of the Mars Science Laboratory’s participating scientist team at the Space Research Centre.


Planetary Palooza 2017

Activities presented by:

Dr. Emma Bullock, Carnegie Institution of Washington
Dr. Cari Corrigan, Smithsonian Institution
Dr. Megan Duncan, University of California, Davis
Dr. Rebecca Fischer, Harvard University
Suzanne Foxworth, Jacobs at NASA JSC
Rachel Funk, Jacobs at NASA JSC
Paige V. Graff, Jacobs at NASA JSC
Julie Hoskin, Smithsonian Institution
Emily Law, NASA / Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Andrea Mosie, Jacobs at NASA JSC
Dr. Nicole Lunning, Smithsonian Institution
Susan Runco, NASA JSC 
Cecilia Satterwhite, Jacobs at NASA JSC
Christine Shupla, Lunar and Planetary Institute
Kristin Spear, NASA Glenn Research Center
Dr. Amanda Smith Hackler, Lunar and Planetary Institute
Dr. Myriam Telus, Carnegie Institution of Washington
Molly Wasser, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center / ADNET Systems

2017 Planetary Science Palooza Presentations

Dr. Patricia Craig, Mars: Are We There Yet?
Dr. Craig is a postdoctoral researcher at the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston.

Dr. Julien Salmon, Solar System: Overview of the Formation of the Planets and Earth's Moon
Dr. Salmon is a research scientist at the Southwest Research Institute studying the origin and evolution of circumplanetary disks and satellites, including the formation of the Moon and the evolution of planetary rings.

Dr. Andy Rivkin, Robot Roll Call: What We're Up To In The Solar System
Dr. Rivkin studies the composition of asteroids at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, particularly those with evidence of water or organic materials.

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