Activities about Seasons
7th - 8th Grades: Reason for Seasons

Eyes on the Sky, Feet on the Ground
This Web site contains a series of hands-on activities on observing the position of the Sun, measuring the sunlight and temperature, sunlight on the curved Earth's surface, the tilt of the Earth, and modeling out the reason for seasons.

Light and Latitudes: Seasons Across the Continents
Students investigate how the length of a day changes at different latitudes and for different seasons.

The Real Reasons for Seasons
This GEMS guide is aimed at helping students arrive at a clear understanding of seasons as they investigate the connections between the Sun and Earth. Along the way, students take a "Trip to the Sun," determine the real shape of the Earth's orbit, evaluate actual data on world temperature and hours of sunlight in different locations, and model how the angle at which sunlight hits the Earth affects its concentration.

Graphing Sea Ice Extent in the Arctic and Antarctic
Students graph sea ice extent (area) in both polar regions (Arctic and Antarctic) over a three-year period to learn about seasonal variations and over a 25-year period to learn about longer-term trends.