Rocks and Soils
Content Resources for the Pre-Service Educator

USGS Rocks and Minerals Site
Information and lots of images on minerals, igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks, and metamorphic rocks by the US Geological Survey.

Igneous Rock Identification
Cal Poly-Pomona offers a moderately in-depth discussion for adults of igneous rocks, minerals, textures, and classifications.

Igneous Rock Site
This James Madison University site presents complex information on igneous rocks in an interesting and understandable manner – at a variety of level, and has links to sites on minerals, sedimentary rocks, and metamorphic rocks.

Classification of Rocks
This Volcano World site has basic information on rock classification, with an emphasis on igneous rocks.

The Fire Within: Plate Tectonics & Volcanism Across the Solar System
A powerpoint presentation designed for teacher workshops with some introductory information on different classifications of rocks, with particular emphasis on igneous rocks and volcanism.

Moon and Mars Soil Simulant
Samples available for educators from PlanetLLC. The Mars soil simulant is made of volcanic basalt material collected from the slopes of the Pu’u Nene cinder cone on the Island of Hawaii. The chemical composition is compared to that of a typical Mars surface sample analyzed at the Viking lander 1 site. The lunar mare regolith simulant is fine dust, mined from a volcanic ash deposit located in the San Francisco volcano field near Flagstaff, Arizona.

Mars Soil Simulant at Science Mall
One pound bags, simulated Martian soil, available for testing and display. Comes with an information packet.

NASA's Lunar Disks
Bring real Moon rocks to your classrooms! Lunar disks consist of six samples of lunar material (three soils and three rocks) encapsulated in a six-inch diameter clear lucite disk. The disk is accompanied by written and graphic descriptions of each sample in the disk; a teacher workbook; printer materials, and more.

A Plate Tectonic Rock Cycle
A detailed examination of the rock cycle prepared for college students.