In Texas, teachers are expected to teach about volcanic activity, as a destructive and constructive force for change, as part of a system, as a catastrophic event, and as a source for igneous rocks.

5.12 B The student is expected to describe processes responsible for the formation of coal, oil, gas, and minerals
6.6 C The student is expected to identify forces that shape features of the Earth including uplifting, movement of water, and volcanic activity
7.5 A The student is expected to describe how systems may reach an equilibrium such as when a volcano erupts
7.14 A The student is expected to describe and predict the impact of different catastrophic events on the Earth
8.14 B The student is expected to analyze how natural or human events may have contributed to the extinction of some species

Note: These concepts can be taught in conjunction with the characteristics of the Earth and Moon, or with planetary characteristics (Venus and Mars).

Preliminary Concepts
Students need to understand the different states of matter and that rock can exist as a liquid, before they can understand volcanism.

Misconceptions and Educational Research

Activities about Volcanism

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