Content Resources for the Pre-Service Educator

Volcano World
Volcano World shares real time volcano information in an understandable way. Includes a glossary, lessons, movies of eruptions, updates on volcanic eruptions, and volcano legends and lore. Check out Mt. St. Helens information and movies.

Heat from Within: Educator Field Trip to Oregon to Explore Earth’s Volcanism … and Beyond!
Resources, presentations, maps, and activities related to plate tectonics and volcanism (this resource list will look familiar!) used in association with a field experience for K-12 educators.

United States Geologic Survey Volcano Observatories
Get real-time news about the volcanos with which we live, access photos, maps, eruptive histories, latest hazards assessments, FAQ’s, activities, teacher packets, and links, living with volcanos, and how to plan a visit to a volcano.

Volcanoes (Bob Tilling, USGS)
his online book presents a summary of the nature, workings, products, and hazards of the common types of volcanos around the world and a brief introduction to volcano monitoring and research.

3D Geology of the National Parks
Several volcanos found in National Parks are presented in 3D.

Smithsonian Global Volcanism Program
This program maintains a database of all known global volcanic activity over the last 10,000 years, and is building a petrologic database for volcanic materials.  Accessed by geographic region through interactive maps.

Satellite Images of Volcanos
NASA satellite images and discussion of images

Virtually Hawaii - A Virtual Field Trip
Virtual interactive  field trips are offered to the Big Island, as well as to Oahu, Maui, Molokai, and Kauai. Fun; a neat twist.

Volcanoes – Can we predict volcanic eruptions? (Annenberg Corporation)
These are not in depth. Great kids overview with connections to "more Info" Good interactives on raising and lowering the temperature for melting rocks. Good for middle school students.

How Volcanoes Work
This site describes the science behind volcanos and volcanic processes … and the three types of volcanos (with a few other subordinate types).

Exploring the Environment (ETE) (NASA The Classroom of the Future)
This Web-based learning module is password protected - but it is easy to get a password — anticipate ~ 1 week. Background and activities about Mt Hood, Pompeii, hazards, Yellowstone, etc. Teacher background, activities for middle to high school students.

Volcanoes! (USGS)
Students in grades 4–8 learn about volcanos and the hazards they pose in six modules.  Teachers guides, student sheets, and paths for additional exploration are available.

Volcanic crisis in the Classroom
Geologists at Colgate University have designed a multi-week, cooperative learning activity for introductory, undergraduate volcanology classes that culminates in the simulation of a volcanic monitoring crisis.