[3-D Tour of the Solar System] ver the past 30 years, images from NASA spacecraft have revealed our neighboring planets and moons to be surprisingly diverse and complex worlds. These images are usually shown as two-dimensional photographs. These collections of 3-D images of the planets and their moons provides a unique perspective, and allows us to sense the topography of these planetary surfaces in ways that are otherwise not possible. The CD-ROM and slide set features representative 3-D images of the Sun, planets, moons, and asteroids, and an overview of the entire solar system. They also feature prominent examples of each major type of geologic feature, including impact craters, tectonic features, volcanos, and river valleys. Images of the surfaces of the Moon and Mars, and of atmospheric features, are also included.

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150+ full-sized 3-D images of the solar system with accompanying text, regional images, highlighted features of interest, glossary, and cross references. The CD-ROM provides two ways to explore the solar system:by planetary body, via the Planet Tour, or by geologic feature, via the Geology Tour. View active volcanos on Jupiter's moon, Io, craters on Venus, astronauts on the Moon, stunning pictures of hurricanes, and the Grand Canyon on Earth. See Saturn and its rings in amazing 3-D, and, of course, Mars Pathfinder and Sojourner. Price:  $10.00.

This teacher's guide includes lessons on the history of 3-D, how 3-D images are made, how to make your own 3-D glasses, and lessons in Planetary Science and Planetary Geology. Intended for use with middle- and high-school students, the lessons use the 3-D CD-ROM as a research tool for classes, small groups, individual students, or computer labs. The guide contains 27 lessons on 3-D, comparative planetology (comparing planets to Earth and to each other), geologic processes on the planets and moons in our solar system (volcanism, tectonics, impact cratering, and erosion), and space exploration (past, present, and future missions, and designing your own missions). Price:  $5.00 CD-ROM (PDF format).

A study of geology, atmospheres, and other structures using stereo imagery of the planets, their satellites, and the Sun. The slides are organized by planet, starting from the Sun and continuing out to Pluto. The slides can also be rearranged and presented by geologic topic; a sample geologic tour is included at the end of the accompanying descriptive booklet. One pair of 3-D glasses is included. Price:  $10.00.

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