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ALTA® Reflectance Spectrometer
Classroom Package Available for Loan

The Lunar and Planetary Institute is pleased to offer two Alta® Reflectance Spectrometer Classroom Packages for loan to educational institutions Included in the loan set are:

  • 15 ALTA Spectrometers (9V batteries not included)
  • Booklet with 10 lessons (created 2000) for use with the ALTA
  • 32 rocks (hand samples) in canvas rock bags: 8 basalt, 8 anorthosite, 8 dunite, 4 limestone chalk, 4 rhyolite
  • Seeing the Moon module, which incorporates several spectrometry activities that use the ALTA

To obtain a loan of a classroom set of spectrometers:

  • Request loan of the spectrometers through the online request form.
  • Loans will be filled based on a first-requested-first-served basis. Institutions must be in the United States (including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands). We require at least 5 days advanced notice to ship an ALTA kit.
  • After the request has been received, LPI will contact you with any questions, and will follow up with a link for an online loan agreement 1 to 2 months before the loan period, which must be completed within 10 days of the email in order to retain the ALTA kit reservation. 
  • Recipients will need to either use a credit card to cover the $150 shipping fees (which include a return shipping label), provide their own shipping account for LPI to use, or agree to pick up and return the ALTA set in person.
  • Agree to return all contents of the ALTA® Reflectance Spectrometer classroom set packed in the same manner as it arrived. The materials must be returned on the agreed-upon date, using a carrier that provides tracking information.
  • After borrowing the ALTAs, please fill out the online survey of how the ALTAs were used.

For questions, please contact



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October 7, 2019