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Moon Phases Activities

These activities and resources will help children further explore the phases of our Moon after they have listened to the Native American tale of “The Girl Who Married the Moon” and the science story.

Share the Story
Retell the story of the Girl Who Married the Moon and reinforce why we see phases of the Moon.

"Drawing Conclusions" About Moon Faces
Illustrate the Native American and science story of why we have lunar phases

A Paper Moon: Observing Lunar Changes
Observe the Moon through a month of changes and chart the pattern of phases.

Phrases for Phases: Singing the Lunar Cycle
Sing a song that teaches and reinforces names, shapes, and the sequence of our Moon's eight primary phases

Fruit for Phases
Explore the movements of our Moon, Earth, and Sun that cause the phases of our Moon

Fishing for Phases
Play a game to reinforce the pattern of the lunar phase cycle