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Seasons Activities

After listening to the SkyTellers Native American story “ Spring Defeats Winter ” and the accompanying science story, children can continue to explore seasons on Earth and other planets with the activities on these pages.

Share the Story
Retell the story of Old Man Winter and Young Man Spring, along with the science story, to reinforce the children's understanding of why Earth has seasons.

Drawing Conclusions: What Color is “Cold?”
Illustrate the Native American and science stories about the changing seasons.

Season Sequences
Experience the causes of Earth's seasons by modeling Earth's movement around our Sun.

Sun Spray: Exploring Seasonal Sunlight Changes
Explore Earth's seasons with a “human globe.

Light and Latitudes: Seasons Across the Continents
Investigate how day-length changes through the seasons and across the globe.

Seasons on Saturn
Extend understanding of the reasons for the seasons on Earth to other planets by modeling their seasonal changes.