Family Space Day Overview - Moon

Family Space Day is a three hour event. The activities are set up so that children
and parents can select the order in which they undertake activities. Parents and
children are encouraged to learn, play, and explore together.
The activities presented for exploring the Moon were part of multiple Family Space
Day events. Facilitators are encouraged to select the activities that will appeal to
their audience.

Objectives of the Day

Children Will:

  • Learn about the environment and surface features of the Moon.
  • Learn what it might be like to live on the Moon.
  • Learn the different phases of the Moon that we see from Earth.


A Moon event is an ideal time to have a lunar viewing
in partnership with your local astronomy society.
Consider having your event during a lunar eclipse
or when the Moon is not quite full.

Other Materials

Facilitator Information – Moon
Explore Moon – Book and Website References
All About the Moon– A Moon Fact Sheet


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