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“A library outranks any other one thing a community
can do to benefit its people.”

~Andrew Carnegie

The conference brought together 150 leaders and decision-makers from both the public library and STEM education communities. Public libraries are undergoing a profound transformation as they continue to re-define their role as a valued, knowledge-based community resource. At the same time, STEM organizations (e.g., science museums, STEM professional associations, universities/colleges, research institutions, state and federal agencies) seek to more effectively reach groups historically underrepresented in STEM fields – such as underrepresented minorities, lower-income populations, and women. Together, public libraries and STEM organizations have the potential to dramatically increase the availability of STEM learning opportunities in communities of all sizes.

The Public Libraries & STEM conference helped lay an important foundation for the transformational changes that are taking place in public libraries and their communities.

Word cloud

This word cloud depicts input from participants during the Public Libraries & STEM conference.  These terms list libraries’ strengths and opportunities for offering STEM learning experiences for their patrons.

Featured Presenters

John Falk
Sea Grant Professor of Free‐Choice Learning, Oregon State       University
Miguel Figueroa
Center for the Future of Libraries, American Library Association
James Hakala
Senior Educator, University of Colorado
Susan Hildreth
Executive Director, Peninsula Library System
David Lankes
Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies
Ellen Lettvin
Robert Noyce Senior Fellow, Office of STEM Initiatives, U.S.      Department of Education
Carrie Morgridge
Chief Disruptor, Morgridge Family Foundation
Bill Penuel
Professor of Educational Psychology & Learning Sciences,      University of Colorado
Lee Rainie
Director of Internet, Science and Technology Research, Pew      Research Center
Scott Sampson
Vice President & Chief Curator, Denver Museum of Nature &      Science
Marsha Semmel
Principal, Marsha Semmel Consulting


STAR Library Education Network (STAR_Net)
KEVA Planks
National Renewable Energy Laboratory


Paul B. Dusenbery
Space Science Institute’s National Center for Interactive Learning
Keliann LaConte
Lunar and Planetary Institute

National and Local Organizing Committee Members

Institutional Support
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Elite Level
        Morgridge Family Foundation   
Gold Level
        Denver Museum of Nature and Science
Silver Level
        Condit Exhibits
        KEVA Planks
        Denver Public Library
Bronze Level
        National Renewable Energy Laboratory