Wednesday, August 19
5:00–6:00 pm MDT
STEM Icebreaker Activities
The Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel, Spruce room
Thursday, August 20
5:00–7:00 pm MDT
Denver Public Library, Vida Ellison Gallery, Level Seven
Friday, August 21, 2015
6:00–9:30 pm MDT
Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Public Libraries & STEM Background Reports

Conference resources highlight public libraries’ current needs, barriers, and opportunities to accessing and/or producing STEM programs, products, services, or staff training. Six Background Reports have been commissioned to provide a common framework for conference participants. Background information addresses the need for collaborations in our fast-changing world and highlight the unique capabilities and reach of public libraries. These documents set the stage for examining how libraries can be valued players within the “STEM Learning Ecosystem” — a network that includes schools, museums and science centers, community settings, and home experiences — working in harmony to facilitate STEM learning. Resources in this section are available as PDFs. These papers should also be a useful resource for STEM and library professionals after the conference ends as part of our Leadership Forum activities. Check out the resources below.

Other Relevant Resources

Resources for Poster Presenters

Poster Installation
Please plan to install your poster no later than 8:30 a.m. on the day of your scheduled session. Posters are grouped by topic to build our discussions throughout the two and half days; Topic 2 posters are presented on Thursday, and Topics 1, 3, 4, and 5 are presented on Friday. Posters will remain on display throughout the day they are scheduled. Please remove your poster at the end of the day. Any poster left on display after a scheduled poster session will be removed and recycled.

Poster Sessions: Thursday and Friday, August 20 and 21, from 11:10-12:15 pm
Poster Setup: Thursday and Friday, August 20 and 21, beginning at 8:00 a.m.
Poster Removal: End of the day, Thursday or Friday
Poster Size: 44" × 44" or smaller
Materials Provided: Pushpins





Poster Presentation Format

Poster size is 44" × 44" or smaller. Posters will be affixed to a 4' × 8' freestanding panel with push pins, which will be provided. All materials must be attachable to this surface.

Tips for Preparing Your Poster

Need more ideas and inspiration? Try the American Library Association’s “Poster Presentations (at conferences)” list of helpful resources. Also, download these three sample posters from the conference conveners: