Solar System Exploration
Pre-Service Teacher Institute

Presented by the NASA Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute: the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory and the Lunar and Planetary Institute

Who: Future 5–9th grade science teachers and teacher mentors
Where: Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston, TX
When: July 24–28, 2017

Preferences for undergraduate students enrolled at Minority Serving Institutions, and those planning to teach at schools with high percentages of students underrepresented in STEM.

Participant FAQs  Activities and Resources

This free workshop incorporates a variety of Earth and space science activities, such as models of the solar system, lunar phases, and seasons, as well as exploration of the solar system.

  • Participate in hands-on and inquiry-based activities for Texas Earth and space science TEKS grade 6-8 standards (which are also common in other state and national standards)
  • Conduct a variety of formative assessment strategies
  • Meet planetary scientists and hear about the current research into how the Moon, asteroids, and planets formed and evolved over time
  • Model lessons by engaging students at the end of the workshop
  • Discover how solar system topics connect to Earth science, life sciences, and physical sciences

Institute registration is free, and includes lunches. Participants will receive a certificate for professional development hours.

This training was recently completed; for more information and for evaluation data, please contact us at [email protected].

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