Mars Through Time

Presented at the Lunar and Planetary Institute


  • Day 1 Slides (PPT)
  • Early Mars Exploration Slides (PPT)
  • Accretion and Collisional Evolution of Our Solar System – Dr. David Kring
  • Day 2 Slides (PPT)
  • Blue Marble Matches and Crater Comparisons – Paige Valderrama Graff (PPT)
  • Mars Mystery Rocks Slides (PPT)
  • Mineralogy of Mars: Using our Experiences on Earth to Understand Processes on Mars – Dr. Liz Rampe
  • Day 3 Slides (PPT)
  • Exploring Mars: The Inside Story – Dr. Walter Kiefer
  • Small Body Geology: Vesta, Ceres, and Pluto – Dr. Walter Kiefer (PPT)
  • Meteorites and What They Tell Us About Mars – Dr. Kevin Righter (PDF)
  • Day 4 Slides (PPT)
  • Exploring Mars with the Curiosity Rover and ChemCam – Dr. Nathan Bridges
    PDF | Webinar Recording
  • What Happened to the Ancient Martian Atmosphere – Dr. Dave Brain
    PPT (~200 MB!) | Webinar Recording
  • Water on Mars - Dr. Amy Williams
    PPT | Webinar Recording

The 2015 workshop was supported by the ChemCam instrument onboard the Curiosity rover and the Lunar and Planetary Institute.

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