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The CLSE Traveling Library Exhibits program will end effective September 30, 2024. Exhibit requests for dates beyond this time will not be approved.

CLSE Lunar/Asteroid Traveling Exhibits

CLSE is excited to share its science topics with the public through fantastic traveling exhibits. Designed for libraries, these banners use colorful images and text to share current lunar and asteroid science and exploration stories. The displays can be used to excite and engage patrons in further exploration through library resources and programs.   

Moon Views and Protecting our Home exhibits

Two of the traveling exhibits, Moon Views: Rabbits in the Rocks (left) and Protecting our Home (right), on display at the Waterville (NY) Public Library. The lunar map between the two exhibits is the USAF Lunar Reference Mosaic: Lunar Earthside Hemisphere (LEM-1) which can be downloaded from the Lunar and Planetary Institute’s online Lunar Map Catalog. (Image Credit: Jeffrey Reynolds, Waterville Public Library).