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The CLSE Traveling Library Exhibits program will end effective September 30, 2024. Exhibit requests for dates beyond this time will not be approved.

About the CLSE Lunar/Asteroid Traveling Exhibits

Each exhibit consists of 3 single-sided banners, each of which measure 32 inches wide by 83 inches tall when displayed. Each is packed inside a padded bag, and shipped in a large cylindrical plastic graphics case, 40 inches high. Each banner consists of a stand, a telescoping pole, and the banner itself; all of these components are in one unit. The stands should be arranged side by side.

Setting up the banners is fairly simple. You place the base unit on the floor, and slot the pole into the base, then pull up the banner graphic and connect the top banner rail to the top of the pole. Fully extend the pole and rotate each piece to hold it into position. A video showing the banner setup is available online at