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Lunar/Asteroid Data Resources

Lunar Data | Asteroid Data

Lunar Data Resources

LROC and Photoshop Guide (PDF)
A guide to searching for images from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera website and how to  convert, save, and manipulate raw LROC images in Photoshop.

Getting Started with JMARS for the Moon (PDF, written by Dr. Debra Hurwitz and Dr. Lillian Ostrach)
A quick tutorial on using JMARS for the Moon, an online tool that allows users to analyze various lunar data sets.
Download JMARS! (Free)

Lunar Mapping and Modeling Portal
The Lunar Mapping and Modeling Portal is an online tool that allows anyone with an Internet connection to search through, view, and analyze a vast number of lunar images and other digital products.

ACT-REACT Quick Map Lunar Data Tool

Atlas of Lunar Sinuous Rilles
The Atlas of Lunar Sinuous Rilles is a comprehensive collection of images of 195 lunar sinuous rilles that are globally distributed around the Moon.

Lunar Images and Maps
The Lunar and Planetary Institute’s online collection of lunar images and maps.

Lunar Sample Atlas
This library of images provides pictures of the Apollo samples taken in the Lunar Sample Laboratory, full-color views of the samples in microscopic thin-sections, cutting views and diagrams that illustrate how the samples were subdivided for scientific analyses, and in situ views of the samples on the lunar surface.

Using JMARS for Crater Counting
Guide for using the crater counting tool in JMARS written by former ExMASS teacher Lisa Balazs (Indian Springs School, Alabama). Crater counting is a useful technique for determining the age of a planetary surface based on the number, and size, of craters on a given surface.

Asteroid Data Resources

Asteroid Data Research Data Primer
Asteroid Albedos
CALL Asteroid Lightcurve Database
IAU Minor Planet Center
NASA Planetary Data System – Small Bodies Node
Sloan Digital Sky Survey Photometric Taxanomy for Asteroids
Using Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data to Find Asteroids
Vesta Trek



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