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2016–2017 Student Presentations

Students participating in the Exploration of the Moon and Asteroids by Secondary Students (ExMASS) program experience multiple steps of the scientific process. The ability to communicate is essential to the process of science. All students give two presentations during their ExMASS experience — Moon/Asteroid 101 and a poster showcasing the results of their research. After posters are judged by a panel of scientists, the top four teams are given an opportunity to present their research to this panel and take questions from the judges.

Moon/Asteroid 101

During the first six weeks of their research experience, students familiarize themselves with lunar or asteroid science and exploration. Students read articles and answer guiding questions to build a foundation of lunar or asteroid science. After finishing the readings, student teams apply their new knowledge to a presentation in which they characterize the geology seen in three images of the lunar surface or three images of asteroids.

Moon 101 - Asteroid 101 Broadwater Academy
Moon 101
Asteroid 101
Image of asteroid Walthill Public School
Moon 101
(no recording)
Moon/Asteroid Commack High School
Moon 101
Asteroid 101
Moon craters South High School (Minneapolis)
Moon 101 (Abdullahi, et al.)
Moon 101 (Demgen, et al.)
Moon 101 (Gutierrez, et al.)
Moon 101 (Mekonnen, et al.)
Recording 1
Recording 2
Earth Channels Crocker High School
Moon 101
Impact Craters South Sevier High School
Moon 101

2016–2017 Poster Presentations

Academy poster Academy High School
Lunar Forward Operating Base (L-FOB)
Crocker HS poster Crocker High School
Morphological Analysis of Surface Features Found at the Apollo 17 Landing Site
Broadwater Academy poster Broadwater Academy
A Comparison of the Chesapeake Bay Impact Structure and the Arizona Barringer Crater
South Sevier HS poster South Sevier High School
Secondary Crater Morphology with Distance from Primary Crater
Commack HS poster Commack High School
Mapping Possible Locations for Lunar Ice Mining Using Topographic, Economic, and Elemental Data
Walthll Public School poster Walthill Public School
Possible Correlation Between Lunar Rille Width and Depth; Sinuosity and Length

2016-2017 “Final Four” Presenters (no recording of final presentations is available)

Broadwater Academy
Commack High School
South Sevier High School
Walthill Public School

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