Lunar Science and Exploration
Center for Lunar Science and Exploration

Field Training and Research Program
at Meteor Crater

Program Description

The Field Training and Research Program at Meteor Crater is a week long field class and research project based at Barringer Meteorite Crater, Arizona, more popularly known as Meteor Crater. The goal of the field camp will be to introduce students to impact cratering processes and provide an opportunity to assist with a research project at the crater. Skills developed during field camp should better prepare students for their own thesis studies in impact cratered terrains, whether they be on Earth, the Moon, Mars, or some other solar system planetary surface. This field camp is being organized under the auspices of the NASA Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute, which is designed, in part, to train a new generation of explorers for the Moon and beyond.

Students are responsible for transportation to Flagstaff, AZ. Transportation will be provided from Flagstaff to Meteor Crater RV Park (the team's campsite). Additional logistical details will be provided to selected participants.

This student opportunity is made possible with the generous assistance of the Barringer Crater Company and Meteor Crater Enterprises.