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Field Guide to Rochechouart Impact Crater

The LPI has existing training programs at Meteor Crater, Arizona, USA and the Sudbury impact structure, Ontario, Canada. We have been engaged in an international effort to develop additional research and training opportunities at the Rochechouart impact crater, France, led by Philippe Lambert. A description of the consortium and its objectives has been presented to the LPSC community. Here we provide a digital copy of Philippe Lambert’s field guide to Rochechouart, which was prepared for a 2009 excursion to the crater by The Meteoritical Society. The formal title of the publication is Geology of the Rochechouart Impact Structure: A Guide to Sites of Interest.

Complete Guidebook (13 MB)

Part 1: Introduction to the Geology of the Rochechouart Impact Structure (4.9 MB)

Part 2: Sites of Interest (7 MB)

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