Lunar Science and Exploration
Center for Lunar Science and Exploration

Eligibility Requirements

The field camp is designed for graduate college students in geology and planetary science programs, although advanced undergraduate students will be considered if they have successfully completed a summer field geology program and have a demonstrated interest in physical volcanology. It is open to U.S. and foreign national students.

Important: The field site in the Zuni-Bandera Volcanic Field is a challenging rocky terrain at elevations over a mile high. Students are expected to participate in field camp activities such as hiking and climbing which often times will be strenuous due to the rugged conditions.

Online Application

You will need to apply using the online application form which will be available beginning April 6, 2015. Paper applications will not be accepted. Once you begin the application you must complete all of the questions on the form and provide a brief essay. That essay should include a description of your (a) relevant experience, (b) thesis topic (if determined), (c) interest in volcanic processes and planetary surfaces, and (d) how you think this field geology program will enhance your educational goals. You will also need to upload a CV in PDF format.

Official transcripts and two letters of recommendation may be submitted independently, but must be received by June 15, 2015, for your application to be considered. One of those letters needs to be from a faculty member who confirms your enrollment in a M.S. or Ph.D. program (for graduate applicants). Letters of reference may be submitted online, however, application id and correct spelling of applicant's last name are required.

Application Deadline June 15
Applicant Notification Date June 29
Field Camp Arrival Date Wednesday, September 23
Field Camp Session Thursday to Tuesday, September 24–29
Field Camp Departure Date Wednesday, September 30